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Adding New Tenant (another UAT tenant) in 3 tier landscape (Prod <> UAT <> Dev

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Hello all,

I am looking for some sort of documents from SAP and also anyone's experience here regarding the addition of new tenant considering a copy of production and placing it between Prod and OLD UAT as 2nd UAT (which would be of help for proper End user training/ any development enhancement testing etc) Since old UAT has lot of solution mismatch than the production environment due to huge differences came w.r.t data/Config from Past 4 years.

Above said that, it would be appreciated if anyone can suggest any approach or better solutions. below are 2 considerations i have in the mind:

1. Adding another tenant in between Old UAT and Prod.

2. OR decommissioning of Old UAT and keeping new one post prod copy.

Points to ponder:

1. Need to know what points to consider for 3rd party applications connectivity and ERP setups.

2. what needs to be considered for SDK solutions from Old UAT if new Tenant is being added in between Old UAT and prod.

3. what all steps and manual approach needs to be done in this.

4. any experience shared on this is appreciated.

Best Regards,


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suman for your case since there is lot of solution mismatch in your UAT system it is better to have new tenant and do the solution copy profile of the prod that will have the latest sdk solutions if there any mis match of solution you can transport them you have to raise an request to sap via incident or hotline for the new tenant solution copy profile of your prod system