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Add 'number of interactions' to custom report

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I am trying to add the field ' number of interactions' from a standard report, called 'All Tickets with All Interactions', to a custom report. My intention is to capture the total number of changes made and then saved by the user. However, I am unable to add this field to the custom report.

Here is the approach I took:

Step 1: I selected the Data Source for the custom report

Step 2: I added the standard data source- 'All Tickets with All Interactions' to the custom source

Step 3: I try to add the 'number of interactions' field from the standard report. However, I am not able to find this field within the source. It shows 'number of interaction steps' and other fields except the one we are looking for.

Could you please advise on this? Is there an alternative approach to add this field to the report?

Thanks and Regards!

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You will have to select this key figure in "Report Wizard" while creating a report.

Please follow below steps for the same.

1. In step 2- "select key figures" in "Report wizard" for creating a new report, please select "All" in dropdown box as highlighted below.

2. From the available list of key figures, please tick the checkbox for "All Tickets with All Interactions"

2. Once you enable this, you will be able to see the required key figure "Number of Interactions" in the same step

3. Please tick the checkbox for it and then click on "Finish" . The key figure will be included in the report.



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Hi Gayatri,

Thank you so much for your help! However, I don't see the key figure 'All tickets with all interactions' under the available list of key figures when I create a new report (step 2). I have attached the screenshots.