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Actions not working in LEAD

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hi all

i have a problem that actions assigned in LEAD transaction isnt working.i have checked all the customising that in action profile workflow is attached and action is assigned to the transaction but when i open the transaction in menu "maintain lead" under the action tab ,am not able to select the action as it is freezed or greyed.

i have tried using standard transaction under which standard actions are assigned but of no use,strangely actions are working in activity and marketing planner.

please suggest how should i solve this.

help will definitely be appreciated.

best ragards


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Answers (2)

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hi sathish

thanks for the reply,well m not novice to actions.i have checked everything .its what it should be in the action profile.thing is that i have been using action to test my workflow in transaction.but out ot no where in lead transaction action is freezed in a way in the background when ever transaction is saved the workflow is being triggeredand things are done as such but in action tab in lead transaction i am not able to trgigger the action because it is freezed and i cant see the action log.

it is like this in lead transaction only but working fine with marketing planner and activity.

i have no cluse whatsoever ,why is this action profile i have chjecked everything and infact i have used standard ACTIONS WITH STANDARD TRANSACTIONS





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Please go and check ur action in the action profile.Make sure that Schedule automatically tab is checked.For action to be triggered Schedule conditions and Start conditions should be satisfied.I suggest to use the method(Processing type) Copy_ Document and use when saving the document(Processing type) and maintain status .