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Action profile and Survey

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I have created a Survey in CRM 3.1 Marketing, can you please tell me how it gets triggered in a transaction type.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Kalees,

Once you have defined the Questionnaires or Surveys and activated it, you need to associate them to a transaction type ,

For example if you would like to see this Questionnaire trig erred and shown for all activity Transaction type ZAQT.

follow the following customizing Path in Spro

IMG -->CRM --> Transactions -->settings for Activities --> Questionnaires --> Define Determination for Questionnaires: Business activity.

Click on new entries --> Give an ID --> Give a Descp --> Gives its validity --> Now select your Transaction type in which you would like to see this questionnaire --> then select the Questionnaires ID taht your earlier created -->set the Active flag for determination to be active & Save.

Now when you go back and create a Transaction Type activity , youw ill see the Questionnaires tab and see you survey there.

This is how you associate the Questionnaires to a Transaction type,

Hope this helps!



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hello Kalees,

In addition to the above reply if you want to get the survey display based on sertain conditions EG sales cycle etc. then you can mention the same in the determination criteria for the surveys.This acts as a sort

of the restriction table.

Best Regards,