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Accounting Indicator

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What is the functionality of the field accounting indicator while creating a warranty?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Srinivas

1. You can  use 'accounting indicator' to determine different prices for products based on % of discount and surcharge.

2. You use 'Accounting indicator' to differentiate between the 'actual costs' & 'expenses' when they are posted to an internal order in controlling.

3. Specify the 'Accounting indicator' in a Service order or Confirmation on an Item level for products or at a Header level.

Hope this answers your question.

Best regards


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Influence of pricing and financial management by means of an accounting

In the service order pricing takes place using the SAP CRM pricing functions. You
can specify an accounting indicator in a service order item to determine different
prices for products, based on absolute or percentage discounts and surcharges
for services performed under warranty.
You can also use the accounting indicator in a service order item to determine the
settlement receiver of costs. For example, in the case that a service is covered by a
warranty, you may want the quality management department to be the receiver,
and in the case of a free-of-charge repair, you may want the sales department to
be the receiver instead of the executing cost center.

Confirmation of used resources with information about the reason e.g.
warranty, good will
• Differentiation of actual costs in addition to cost element
• Determination of different settlement receivers based on accounting indicator
via customizing
• More accurate calculation of work in process possible.

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Hi Sriniva,

we use it to distinguish between postings for warranty and posting that has to be invoiced to the cusotmer.

Of course you can set this indicator on the header data of the service order as Sanyogita explained but this would take the complete postings of cost to status "not to be invoiced".


when you have consupmtions of material on your service order you post this using iw41 for confirmation. Here you can set the account indicator. Let's assume you tokk 4 harddisks with you to solve the customer's problem. Two of them were exchanged for warranty and two were given to the customer and have to be charged.

While doing the confirmation you would first split the line showing 4 pces into two lines and then you can assign the accounting indicator to one of the lines.

doing then the dp90 for creating the billing request you will see two line as well. in the billing request one line will have 100% discount - so it's for free. the other tow parts will have the PR00 maintained manually in the billing request or the one from  vk11.

When you move the billing request to the invoice (vf01) you will see two lines each showing same material with quantity 2 pces. One will have your PR00 the  other line will have no price

hope that helped a little