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Hello since I can make a call to a Web from sap so that Web it executes a batch? He is single to make the call without using to browser Thank you very much.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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In CRM 40, you would need to use the 620 HTTP client services provided by SAP. If you search the ABAP/BSP forums you can find documentation on how to communicate with web sites via SAP. I assume your web site that you are not SAP based.

If you are trying to consume a web-service from CRM40 once again search for the web service abap consumption and you will find information. In CRM50 you can generate proxy code that makes the call to the web service very easy.

If you can provide a little more details about your scenario perhaps I can give you a few more general ideas about the approach, but you definitely need to look at some of the other technical forums to get the details on how do it.

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