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Hi Everyone,

I just want to update all of you as I'm currently involved in some engagements where it's possible to derive some good considerations about Customer experience management in the transportation industry. I'm going to highlight in this session some fundamental focal points where it's possible to come out with interesting analysis and triggering sales and marketing actions.


All this translates into identifying the most suitable sap Customer Experience technology solution to be able to support the customer's business processes and have a safe return of investment.


Imagine doing this travel experience by taking a train from one city to another; following you have the first interesting focal points:

  1. Preparing at home

  2. At the station

  3. On the Train

  4. At the destination


See in detail what is the Customer behavior and how he can impact in the Transportation companies business

  1. Preparing at home stage

The customer could be an anonymous user or registered user already profiled in the back end system and he /she wants to book tickets for his/her job trip.

Throughout the storytelling we are able to come out with the right SAP related Solution involved

Customer Data Cloud is concerned with taking care of customer profiling and collecting all available data that can be collected through the customer portal whether we are dealing with an unregistered or registered customers

As the transport company, I want to know the customer's first feedback with Qualtrics after purchasing portal moment about:

  • Right Timetable information

  • Reservation class

  • Timetable coincidences

So, basically I can use in the portal connection a qualtrics intercept to well idantify really first impression:

2.At the Station

the user usually goes at the leaving station at this point, waiting for his/her train and the following three actions could be triggered in:

  • Buy tickets for another family or friends component in the back office

  • Waiting for her/his train in the lounge area

  • Take the train straightforward

In the first hypothesis once done we can have the specific touchpoints and he/she is receiving an SMS and click on the link - 3 Qualtrics survey question have been identified mostly asking about:

  • the time spent in the back office

  • the kindness and efficiency of the operators

  • the overall satisfaction in buying the tickets

Some actions more the user is able to set up in his/her account in the customer Portal web site with the smartphone; we will be able to see the consent management part even in Commerce Data Cloud and verify how the profile user is changing.

This could allow to profiling user account in the Customer Portal and offering specific services and packages.

The user goes in the lounge area, waiting for her trip (take a coffee, read newspaper and navigate in Internet, check emails) and can decide to receive only email in the new account profile session in the customer portal web site.

3. On the train

Enjoying the trip the user will be receiving last sms from the Qualtrics platform where she/he is able to describe and give feedback on access to lounge; the system send a survey to the user after the train departure, about her experience in the lounge (food & beverage, comfort, support from assistance operators, ….)

 4. At the destination

Based on train arrival time, the system send a survey to the user 20 minutes after his/her arrival, about the travel experience concerning mainly about:

  • Safety on board

  • Services on board

  • wifi connectivity performance

  • cleaning

Transportation Railway company is now able to collect some more information about the trip user experience and check the first result in Qualtrics Dashboard Text IQ:

Marketing Team analysis is able now to get combining analysis done blending the Xdata collected until now with Odata stored in the SAP ERP system throughout Sap Analytic Cloud solution by SAC Qualtrics Connector middleware.

Starting from setting up a Qualtrics connection you need to follow the steps below:

  • Identifying Login credentials

  • Navigate into Account settings

  • Then it needs to get the API Token so select the QualtricsID, find the the section API and generate API Token if needed

  • Data Center can normally be found as part of the qualtrics URL, e.g. eu or ca1

  • Then you can copy the API Token string in the new Qualtrics connector section:

Below there a list of survey source package data available in Qualtrics demo environment

Once you have defined the Qualtrics connection you will be able to select single survey package visible in the Qualtrics server. So you can click on one of them and run the first query survey in your SAC environment for example the "final destination" touchpoint that the user released once arrived at the destination


When you select the single survey package a list of objects appears on left panel and you can choose which one can be useful for your analysis; Be aware that you have two different folders to the left side 1) the Questions and 2) the Survey metadata columns

So you can select the questions you want to analyze then you provide to pick some objects more in the “Survey metadata Columns” folder. We need to consider that it’s important to always select the “response id” field in the query otherwise you can get an error when you usually run Qualtrics query for a model as well reported in the Rituparna Reddi colleague Blog

At the end nice SAC widgets can be set up to describe and blending Xdata and Odata Customer Data Warehouse


Once you have collected the right information and analysis the transportation company can start to trigger further actions  based also on integration between SAP Marketing Cloud platform and Qualtrics

( );

Campaigns can be set up based on survey data and objects gathered to get the right users profiled and offer specific promotions and services.

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