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October 13, 2020

Recordings (Plenary RoomBreakout Room 1Breakout Room 2)


On October 13, the virtual SAP MaxAttention Innovation workshop “Turning Data into Insights with Analytics and Data Management” took place. This wrap-up blog offers an overview about the topics of the workshop.

The workshop provided an interactive platform for Premium Engagements customers to learn & hear from our SAP experts on how ‘Database & Data Management’, ‘Analytics’ and ‘Intelligent Technologies’ solutions helps turn data into insights and ask our experts questions.

Intelligent Decision Making with SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP)

Businesses today are facing many challenges as they are having to continually adapt to evolving market conditions and accelerate their digital transformations in order to remain competitive & differentiate their offerings.

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is the foundation that empowers businesses to respond to these challenges flexibly and become an ‘Intelligent Enterprise’ by making Intelligent Decisions.

It comprises of Database & Data Management, Application Development & Integration, Analytics and Intelligent Technology components. It provides a robust, scalable and open platform for our customers to run their Intelligent Suite upon and to power their data-driven innovations.

SAP MaxAttention Innovation Workshop: Turning Data into Insights with Analytics & Data Management

The SAP MaxAttention Innovation Workshop “Turning Data into Insights” focused on

  • how companies can improve their business agility with SAP Analytics

  • how to create a culture of Information Excellence (IX) to turn data into business outcomes

  • how to fuel innovation with Intelligent Technologies.

Bob Marchand, Head of Premium Engagements North America at SAP, kicked-off the workshop with an introduction into the Premium Engagements portfolio and the value customers can achieve in their SAP MaxAttention, SAP ActiveAttention and SAP Value Assurance engagements.

Rolf Zeidler, Global Head of Analytics & Insight Practice and Brian Fillery, Portfolio Lead for Analytics & Data Management at SAP discussed why Analytics & Data Management is so crucial for our customers to navigate the changing business environments and ensure insights are turned into action.

They briefly introduced a 4-step process on how to achieve this journey with Premium Engagements that involved customers exploring the unknown, striving for trusted data and deploying advanced analytical capabilities.

Business Agility with Analytics

Sandeep Singh, Senior Support Engineer and Dan Grovola, Support Architect at SAP, talked about the challenges our customers are facing with analytics in struggling to maximize value, dealing with complexity and implementing machine learning capabilities.

They introduced the concept of ‘Agile Analytics’ and how this can benefit businesses by effectively leveraging SAP analytical solutions.

Importance of Trusted Data in your Information Excellence (IX) Culture

Balasubramanya Nagarag, Principal Technology Architect and Bernd Noll, Support Architect at SAP held an interactive session on how to establish an ‘Information Excellence’ (IX) culture within customers organization’s and the importance of ‘Information Value’ within this culture.

Bernd Noll, expanded on the topic of ‘Information Value’ by discussing how data quality plays a key role in ensuring high quality data for organizations and introduced a 3 step process for ensuring data quality.

1) Understand your data quality issues.

2) Improve information quality.

3) Sustain information quality.

He outlined how Premium Engagements could support customers in this process.

Fueling Innovation with Intelligent Technologies from SAP Business Technology Platform

Brice Lambelet, Senior Support Engineer at SAP continued the workshop with SAP Business Technology ‘Intelligent Technologies’. He highlighted how customers can leverage multiple pillars of the platform to drive value and power their innovations to become insight & data driven.

In particular, Brice talked about “SAP Data Intelligence” being a key solution to orchestrate, advocate and accelerate the innovation journey and expanded on two high level reference use-cases with this technology.

Enabling Intelligence Decision Making with Premium Engagements

Suhan Hegde, Senior Director for Centre of Excellence North America at SAP re-capped on the key pillars of SAP Business Technology Platform for intelligent decision making; Databases & Data Management, Analytics and Intelligent Technologies.

He outlined how Premium Engagements can support customers in their ‘Business Technology Platform’ journey with the ‘Analytics & Data Management’ portfolio that is available to our Premium Engagements customers today.

Nick Del Grande, Head of Premium Engagements Sales North America at SAP then wrapped up the workshop highlighting the importance of Analytics & Data Management in today’s climate to ensure our customers can continue to accelerate their digital transformations.

Slides / Recordings and Contact Us

SAP is looking forward to engaging with our customers and helping their organizations turn insights into action with the ‘Analytics & Data Management’ portfolio within Premium Engagements.

We would like to thank all our customers and prospects who joined this interactive workshop live, and all the presenters and colleagues who contributed to the success of the event! You are more than welcome to watch the recordings and take a look at the slides if you missed the workshop.

For individual discussions tailored to your company’s needs, please reach out to your dedicated front-office team or to the SAP MaxAttention team who organized this workshop.

Please find here the slides and here the recordings of the workshop (Plenary RoomBreakout Room 1Breakout Room 2)

Feel free to share your feedback and thoughts in the comment section below.