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Are you ready for SAP Sapphire and want to connect, network, and innovate to help your company become a sustainable, intelligent enterprise? Then sign-up today and choose between a virtual event combined with a nine-city, in-person world tour experience.

First stop: 10-12 May 2022 in Orlando (or virtual, see below):

Please find a list of CX sessions during Sapphire & ASUG Accelerate 2022 in this blog below:

Recommended Keynotes and Strategy Sessions:

Session Title Description
Realize the Power of Becoming an Intelligent, Sustainable Enterprise [KEY100] In an age where change is a constant and innovation an imperative, SAP solutions run among the most mission-critical systems around the globe, while enabling our customers with the innovation they need to achieve their purpose. SAP CEO Christian Klein and other thought leaders reveal what it takes to become an intelligent, sustainable enterprise.
Meet the Modern-Day Customer Experience and Get More Done, Faster [CX117] The customer experience is where the rubber hits the road for harder metrics such as growth, retention, and conversion that drive core business KPIs. To nail that, you need the ability to connect your entire supply and demand chain with software that can deliver exceptional experiences with insight-led, truly useful data and flexibility.
Fuel Revenue-Generating Customer Experiences with Enterprise Power [CX142] Discover the combined power of SAP Customer Experience solutions and SAP Business Technology Platform. Learn how smooth integrations across the business can uncover new levels of customer insight and revenue. See how this holistic approach improves decision-making across the entire value chain, from product development to customer returns.

CX Sessions by ASUG:

Session Title Description
Create Greater Customer Value by Connecting Your Supply and Demand Chains [ASUG116] Customer expectations are evolving faster than ever. To continuously transform your business and thrive, you need to build agility into end-to-end processes. Share your experiences, explore the answers, and hear how the SAP Customer Experience portfolio is evolving to help organizations meet these challenges.
Integrate Your Portfolio of Applications with the Digital Core [ASUG114] Leveraging your solutions for customer success from SAP is not the end of your SAP S/4HANA journey. Your company has many other applications to integrate with your SAP solutions to optimize business processes. See how to maintain these services, identify what tools to employ, and determine the effort and timeline of introducing another application.
Hear How Conair Enables Agility from Supply Chain to Customer Experience [ASUG112] Interconnections between the supply chain and the customer experience are stretched thin during the pandemic. A global consumer products company with manufacturing partners in Asia, Conair gained the agility to cope with supply chain disruption by modernizing its SAP landscape. Share your connectivity challenges and how cloud products have helped.

SAP Commerce Sessions:

Session Title Description
Unleash Sustainable Growth with Continuous CX100] Find out what you need to achieve consistently profitable commerce growth. Embrace agility, frictionless experiences, and the ability to scale without limits. Learn how the SAP Commerce Cloud solution can help you achieve these goals and get an understanding of the solution strategy and road map.
Grow Your Business Faster with Experience-Driven B2B Commerce [CX101] Delight the modern buyer with self-service convenience and by simplifying the complex business-to-business (B2B) commerce experience. Explore how the SAP Commerce Cloud solution helps make complex tasks easier with rich B2B capabilities, comprehensive process integration, and an open and extensible innovation platform.
Treat Your E-Commerce Journey Like a Mission to Mars [CX102] Most employees would rather join a special mission team than another IT project. When Merck Animal Health had a new e-commerce team and short timelines to deliver, its “mission to Mars” kicked off. See how this unique approach created a cohesive and cross-functionally trained team that rallies around each launch to a new market or geography.
Do Commerce Anywhere While Making Profits Everywhere with Headless Commerce [CX103] Headless doesn’t have to mean brainless. From the metaverse to crypto payments, spend less time on integration and more time on delivering new, innovative digital experiences to engage the modern shopper. Learn how headless capabilities in the SAP Commerce Cloud solution help create new revenue streams across both traditional and emerging channels.
Unlock Data to Win Competitive Advantages with Demand Signals [CX104] Drive profitable outcomes by connecting demand signals with your supply chain in real time. React to market changes in the moment by unlocking enterprise-wide data across the back and front offices. Take advantage of comprehensive integration between SAP S/4HANA and the SAP Commerce Cloud solution to become an intelligent enterprise.
Become a Digital Commerce Leader with Insights from Oxford Economics [CX105] Learn about the top industry obstacles and opportunities for 500 digital commerce professionals. Get expert insights and best practices from digital commerce leaders that can help you run a more innovative, profitable, and scalable digital business.
Accelerate Your Journey to the Cloud with a Trusted Partner [CX118] Learn how SAP Preferred Success services helped American apparel company Carhartt Inc. adjust to a cloud-only working model with the SAP Commerce Cloud solution. Understand the challenges and risks of shifting the cloud, and learn how SAP Preferred Success acts as a trusted advisor, provides guidance, and safeguards your transformation.
Move Beyond Transactional Commerce for Compelling Customer Experiences [CX119] Find out how South Shore Industries Ltd. grew brand awareness and optimized opportunities available in its direct-to-consumer sales channel. The designer and manufacturer of wooden furniture did all this using SAP Customer Experience solutions.
Bolster E-Commerce Revenue with Customer Service [CX132] In the digital economy, omnichannel customer service is increasingly replacing in-store service, supporting buyers throughout their purchase and increasing e-commerce conversion. Find out how the SAP Service Cloud and SAP Commerce Cloud solutions work together to deliver smooth shopping experiences that improve customer and business outcomes.
Learn How Carhartt Fueled Digital Growth from Workwear to Streetwear [CX136] Apparel company Carhartt Inc. is fit for the next frontier with the latest e-commerce and mobile shopping capabilities. With viral shopping becoming a new normal, unexpected peaks can happen at any moment. Find out how Carhartt leverages the latest commerce technology to help ensure a near-frictionless shopping experience, regardless of channel.
Build Sweet Business-to-Business Relationships [CX138] Discover Hershey’s recipe for a successful customer experience transformation. Learn about the reasons and benefits of its migration to the SAP Commerce Cloud solution and how it is achieving wholistic business-to-business success.
Streamline Business-to-Business Customer Onboarding [CX139] Discover how Generac Holdings Inc., a leader in backup power solutions, increased revenue and profitability and reduced onboarding times from months to days. Explore how the company digitally transformed its dealer customer experience using the SAP Commerce Cloud solution.
Integrate Your ERP and E-Commerce Systems to Boost Profits and Market Share [CX143] Know your customers better, no matter how they shop, and offer them a near-frictionless experience from click to delivery. The ease of integrating your ERP with your commerce platform helps put your whole organization behind every transaction and make each customer feel like your only customer.
Saving the Lives of Animals Through Human-Friendly E-Commerce [CX145] In under 18 months, Merck Animal Health launched an e-commerce business spanning multiple business models and geographies. Now, it can get critical medication from the production center to animals in days. Explore how Merck uses the SAP Commerce Cloud solution to streamline operations and delight customers with consumer-grade experiences.
Learn How an Iconic Clothing Brand Stays Relevant with the Next Generation [CX146] How does Levi Strauss & Co. stay so popular? By delivering elevated experiences, fashion, and consistency to its customers. Explore how Levi’s used the latest e-commerce and personalization trends to better serve customers and grow revenue nearly 60% on all digital channels over two years.
Scale B2B E-Commerce for Value and Growth [CX151] Find out how Southern Glazer’s e-commerce platform Proof Commerce generated $1 billion in revenue, serving more than 100,000 customers in the first full year of launch and doubling each year. Hear how the company transforms the customer experience by offering 24x7 self-service while also creating seamless connectivity to sales and service teams.
Powering Profitable Growth with Digital Commerce [CX402] See how the SAP Commerce Cloud solution can help you turn market uncertainty and evolving customer expectations into profitable growth. Whatever your industry or business model, our scalable, integrated, and extensible solution lets you focus on continuous innovation while simplifying complex operations and minimizing business risk.​

SAP Customer Data Sessions:

Session Title Description
Unlock the Secret to Revenue Growth with a Customer Data Platform [CX106] Find out the key to up to 48% of year-over-year growth in annual revenue. According to analysts, the magic is in keeping up with and addressing customer needs. It's vital to understand customers well enough to achieve this critical mission. Learn how to address these needs with a focus on identity and consent data using SAP Customer Data Platform.
Turn Insights into Serious ROI with Customer Data Solutions [CX107] SAP Customer Data Cloud solutions unify millions of profiles into a single source of truth and help drive up to 10 times e-commerce revenue growth. Discover plans for surfacing enterprise-wide insights by connecting to the SAP ERP application, enhancing secure authentication options, and navigating the evolving data privacy landscape.
Enhance Revenue and Earn Loyalty Through Customer-Centric Transformation [CX108] Discover why customer data is the secret sauce for cross-channel experiences that strengthen loyalty and retention. Find out how FranklinCovey, a provider of professional coaching services, keeps customers at the forefront by delivering personalized engagements across markets and regions while considering customer identity and consent management.
Strengthen B2B Relationships Using a Dynamic Customer Data Foundation [CX109] Take a page out of the business-to-consumer playbook to strengthen and grow your value network of business-to-business (B2B) customers and partners. Learn how a foundation of relevant, permission-based customer data can help you personalize B2B engagements throughout the customer lifecycle, speed time to market, and reduce business risk.
Discover the Benefits of Enterprise-Grade Customer Centricity [CX110] If you want to take advantage of new revenue opportunities, focus marketing spend, and mitigate regulatory risks as you scale, explore SAP Customer Data Platform. Find out how it can fuel customer engagements across marketing, commerce, sales, and service touch points with rich insights surfaced from across the enterprise.
Grow Revenue by Making Customer Data the Core of Your CX Strategy [CX111] Explore findings from a new customer data strategy survey from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services. Discover how respondents and organizations from around the globe strategically integrate customer data into their business processes to provide a better customer experience (CX), increase revenue, and strengthen their brand reputation.
Drive Rewarding, Personalized, and Intelligent Customer Experiences [CX120] Deliver hyper-personalized customer experiences strategically by adopting the capabilities of SAP Customer Data Cloud solutions and SAP Customer Data Platform with the SAP Customer Experience portfolio.
Learn How the Pros Go D2C and Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences [CX126] To stay ahead of the competition and help your direct-to-consumer (D2C) program thrive, you need to deliver personalized, consistent engagements to the right customers on their preferred channels. Discover how you can send relevant customer data to engagement systems in real time to strengthen customer retention and loyalty.
Hear How Ferrara Created a Data-Driven Foundation for Customer Engagement [CX137] Ferrara Candy Company pursued a CX strategy that required revitalizing its focus on meaningful engagement with customers, but legacy systems stood in the way. Find out how it worked with SAP and Deloitte to enable new CX capabilities based on a dynamic customer data foundation to begin its journey, achieving big results across multiple channels.
Revenue Growth with Customer Data Solutions [CX401] Discover customer identity and access management, consent management, and customer data platform solutions from SAP. Learn how to pivot quickly to new revenue streams using enterprise-wide customer insights, build trust while handling data privacy complexity easily, and enhance the experience, security, and profitability of your digital properties.

SAP Emarsys Sessions:

Session Title Description
See, Delight, and Win Customers with a New Customer Engagement Platform [CX112] Discover how the SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement platform, which sends billions of messages each year, was purpose-built for marketers. See how it connects with SAP solutions to help speed time to value, meet customers across channels, and deliver personalization at scale while optimizing MarTech software and using AI to reduce resource strain.
Meet Customers Where They Are by Connecting Marketing and Service [CX123] Whether it’s a marketing e-mail or a contact center call, every interaction counts as brands strive to convert and retain customers. Learn how you can connect customer service and marketing to deliver personalized and relevant end-to-end engagements that drive retention, revenue, and loyalty.
Build Customer Loyalty with Omnichannel, Personalized Engagement [CX124] The marketing of solutions is often full of buzzwords. Find out what omnichannel, personalized engagement is and why it is important for your business. Learn how you can grow customer lifetime value and loyalty by meeting customers on the channels they prefer with the information they want.
Generate More Marketing Revenue with Effective IT Leadership [CX125] Each customer's preferences and privacy are paramount, and their expectations are higher than ever before. Learn how IT's support of a consolidated data model combined with integrated marketing activation can increase customer conversion and lifetime value.
Delivering the Magic: How Disney Theatrical Group Reinvented Engagement [CX147] COVID-19 created great challenges for marketers in the live entertainment industry, from a desire to stay relevant during a complete shutdown to a need to completely restart sales. Learn how Disney on Broadway adapted its marketing and delivery strategies to keep audiences connected to The Lion King, Aladdin, and Frozen while meeting revenue goals.
Navigate the Uncharted Waters of the Post-Pandemic Customer [CX148] Consumers' buying behaviors have shifted dramatically since the end of 2021 as online shopping became second nature. Learn more about key trends and strategies in our joint SAP and Econsultancy report, Retail Trends Playbook, that can help you meet the heightened expectations for personalization and real-time engagement on any channel.
Growing Lifetime Value with Real-Time Engagement [CX404] Deliver personalized, omnichannel consumer engagements by connecting SAP Customer Data Platform, the SAP Commerce Cloud solution, and the SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement solution. Accelerate time to value, meet customers in the moment with the services and experiences they expect, and grow revenue at scale while increasing brand loyalty.

SAP Sales Cloud Sessions:

Session Title Description
Identify, Convert, and Retain the Right Customers [CX113] Explore how the SAP Sales Cloud solution can help you intelligently identify the right customers and balance personalization with scalable engagement to exceed buyer expectations and increase revenue.
Boost Sales Team Success with AI-Driven Insights [CX114] Discover how the SAP Sales Cloud solution, powered by AI, can help make your sales team more effective. Learn how our customers are crushing sales despite market disruption and intense competition. Find out how buyer insights and intelligent deal prioritization help these sales teams win customers, close more deals, and boost their bottom line.
Enable Perfect Retail Execution with the AI-Driven Store [CX127] In-store consumer experiences continue to face disruption. Your retail or consumer products organization has an opportunity to gain market share and win new customers by ensuring products are in stock, on the shelf, and in line with brand expectations. Leverage store data and AI to optimize retail execution with the SAP Sales Cloud solution.
Get to Know Your Customer by Empowering Sellers with Contextual Sales [CX128] Every role involved in the buying processes has distinct needs, concerns, and desires, and your sellers need to be empowered to overcome these challenges. Explore the customer-centric sales capabilities within the SAP Sales Cloud solution that help sellers overcome dynamic challenges with data-driven, contextual responses to buyer signals.
Track Sales from Start to Close with EXFO [CX140] Explore how EXFO, the communication industry’s test, monitoring, and analytics experts, delivers high-value solutions to customers. Learn what tracking sales from start to close can do for your business.
Transform Sales to Drive Revenue and Exceptional Experiences [CX141] As one of North America’s leading faucet brands, Moen Inc. is known for beautiful, long-lasting kitchen and bathroom products. When legacy systems and disjointed processes started to impact the fluidity of the sales experience, Moen set out to streamline sales and transform processes with the Sales Cloud solution.
Monetize New Business Models in an Everything-as-a-Service World [CX149] Transition your business to an everything-as-a-service model with SAP solutions. Learn how you can transform quoting, pricing, and billing to effectively manage entitlements for operational support, including provisioning, timely revenue recognition, and overage identification, through subscriptions.
Unifying Sales and Service for Better Experiences [CX403] Explore an in-depth showcase of the SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud solutions. Discover how unified sales and service processes can provide your organization with unique opportunities to increase revenue while delivering superior customer experiences during purchase and beyond.
Everyone Benefitting from a Connected Enterprise [CX409] Unifying your customer experience with SAP solutions enables a smooth, comprehensive lead-to-cash process, providing near-frictionless experiences for customers and a streamlined process for the enterprise. Find out how linking your front and back offices to end customers can help turn your business into a truly intelligent enterprise.
Deliver an Optimized Customer Experience by Upskilling Your Teams [SE119] Hear how IT services and consulting firm DXC Technology Company unlocked the power of its SAP Customer Experience solutions. Find out how SAP Learning Hub provided comprehensive enablement resources to optimize adoption during the company’s digital transformation.

SAP Service Cloud sessions:

Session Title Description
Make the Case for Case Management [CX116] The path to resolution requires an end-to-end approach. Learn how case management enables the SAP Service Cloud solution to connect with SAP S/4HANA and drive industry-centric resolutions that deliver the outcome customers expect.
Serve Up Results with Connected Customer Service [CX129] In this era of perpetual newness, where products and service are introduced at the pace of innovation, customer service must be intertwined with the value chain. Customer service can no longer be an island. Learn how the SAP Service Cloud solution can elevate the process of servicing to a strategic imperative for your organization.
Turn Customer Service into a Savior to Guard Your Brand [CX130] Customer service plays a critical role in your brand narrative, protecting your company’s reputation and securing customer lifetime value. Discover what leading companies are doing to differentiate, with insights from customer experience experts and customers of the SAP Service Cloud solution.
See How Moen Builds Loyalty and Brand Value with Connected Customer Service [CX131] Moen Inc. is known for innovative kitchen and bathroom products, and its customers expect quality, including customer service, so Moen embraces a service-first mindset. Learn how the company is using the SAP Service Cloud solution to connect customer service with sales, marketing, and e-commerce to build customer loyalty and drive sales.
Bolster E-Commerce Revenue with Customer Service [CX132] In the digital economy, omnichannel customer service is increasingly replacing in-store service, supporting buyers throughout their purchase and increasing e-commerce conversion. Find out how the SAP Service Cloud and SAP Commerce Cloud solutions work together to deliver smooth shopping experiences that improve customer and business outcomes.
Increase Customer Loyalty and Value with Connected Customer Service [CX133] Customer service has the potential to protect revenue, generate new business models, and increase customer retention and lifetime value. Discover how the SAP Service Cloud solution can help you engage with customers, connect service to the value chain, and deliver greater profitability.





If you're not able to attend the Sapphire in Orlando you can register for the Virtual Sapphire 2022 conference, and enjoy live SAP keynotes and a subset of SAP innovation sessions as well as on-demand video content.

In addition we’re taking SAP Sapphire on the road, coming to different cities in 2022 to let you make personal connections with peers, customers, partners, and SAP experts:

  • May 12: SAP Sapphire Mexico City

  • May 17: SAP Sapphire The Hague

  • May 23–24: SAP Sapphire Madrid

  • June 8–9: SAP Sapphire Zurich

  • July 7: SAP Sapphire Beijing

  • July 12: SAP Sapphire Tokyo

  • September 9: SAP Sapphire Sao Paulo

  • September 15–16: SAP Sapphire Munich

Enjoy SAP Sapphire 2022 and let us know how you're experiencing the event by using the hashtag: