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The SAP Help Portal site has been an important resource for customers for many years, and has amassed a huge wealth of information over time. The site has undergone a complete redesign aimed at making it easier to navigate and find content, marking a shift toward design and usability in the user assistance area. To get a first impression, watch this video:

But this is not all. Have you ever looked for SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud product information and were not able to locate it on the SAP Help Portal? As of 1702, we are offering a dedicated SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud product page as a single point of entry for all SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud product documentation. Among the known assets, it contains the all-new Onboarding Guide that guides the Administrator through all the activities that are required to set up the SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud system.

To get a first-hand impression of this new page, see