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UPDATE: Hybris Marketing Cloud is now leader in Gartners MQ for Multichannel Campaign Management


As development lead for campaign management in SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud, I often get asked what differentiates SAPs marketing suite from the competition.

The answer is simple: SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud (aka S/4HANA Marketing Cloud) is the only marketing suite which can provide everything a marketing organization needs in one application, with one user interface, on the very same in-memory database in the cloud or on-premise:

  • Big data segmentation with geo segmentation, buying probability, predictive scores,

  • Rule-based permission marketing with consumer self-service,

  • Highly personalized multi language marketing content with product recommendations,

  • Multi-channel flow-based campaign design and execution

  • Intelligent lead scoring to prioritize the right leads

  • Real-time success tracking and predictive analytics

  • Marketing budget and spend planning

  • Deep integration to CRM and ERP applications

If you compare this with the offerings of our competitors you might find answers to some of the topics as well. But none of those can really provide an end-to-end solution which handles all of the topics in the same user interface on the same in-memory database in the cloud or on-premise. They have often just been stiching together various acquired solutions to sell it under one contract or license.

So why does the world need an end-to-end marketing suite which has all data directly available for campaign execution? The answer can be boiled down as follows:

  • With the multiplication of communication channels and touchpoints for consumers via internet, web shops, social media, service center and brick-and-mortar stores also the number of marketing-related data streams have multiplied.Those marketing data streams are normally overlapping (e.g. browsing history), deeply related (e.g. read product review and buy product) and sometimes ambiguous (e.g. mail addresses). Only looking on one channel at a time does not cover the reality of consumers anymore nor will it allow personalized communication fitting to customers need and behavior

  • It is way easier and powerful to have one central source of truth to store the golden record of consumers, marketing permissions and interactions instead of having multiple cross connected systems which constantly try to stay in sync but still only tell a fraction of the truth.

  • The availability of in-memory databases which can keep all consumer and interaction data in the main memory for millions of individuals at a time changes marketing fundamentally. This opens new ways of consumer identification and allows to personalize marketing based on past and future customer behavior.

Hear how Porsche uses SAP Hybris Marketing to tackle those challenges:

If you want to have a good answer to all challenges above you can use the technology of the past and build a super-complex cluster of independent and cross connected marketing solutions which are permanently pushing data from one end to the other.

The more future-proof way is to use SAP Hybris Marketing in the cloud or on-premise which leverage SAP HANA as the platform to provide one scalable and in-memory solution. It acts as the single source of truth which receives marketing data from all front-end systems like web shops, CRM solutions or point-of-sales applications.This is the approach SAP has chosen to for SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud. Here is a series of documents and demos which show that SAP Hybris Marketing is a new category of marketing software:

  1. Marketing planning, segmentation, campaign execution and analytics - all in one box

  2. Segmentation with predictive analytics, scoring and product recommendation out-of-the-box

  3. Marketing permissions, subscriptions and landing pages in S/4HANA Marketing Cloud

  4. Context aware marketing content which receives context from omnichannel

  5. Cross channel marketing automation and execution

So after seeing the demos and reading the blogs, I hope you agree that SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud is really a different kind of beast and a new software category compared to the traditional marketing solutions. It is probably the only end-to-end marketing suite on the market which truly offers the engine for a world in which data is the new oil.

If you want to learn more on how marketing has changed see the video below. Charles Nicholls explains in a great analysis why marketing needs more ears instead of talking just louder.

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