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Product and Topic Expert


In order to enable technical users (developers, technical consultants, architects, etc.) to understand the technical foundation and work with SAP Commerce Cloud according to development guidelines as well as best practices, we provided the following 2 important learning paths (with similar to almost identical technical content):

1. The 2 instructor led trainings bookable on the SAP training shop:

  • C4H340 – SAP Commerce Cloud Developer Part 1
  • C4H341 – SAP Commerce Cloud Developer Part 2

2. The 3 self-paced E-learning journeys on the

However, what if you have walked through one of the 2 learning paths above, but still feel like learning a bit more technical details about specific modules, or there are further concepts/functionality within SAP Commerce Cloud that are not covered in the above technical user offerings.
No worries, we selected a list of additional technical topics and distribute them into the following 2 channels for you to dig further:

  1. Expert Deep Dive Live Sessions for SAP Commerce Cloud via
  2. A dedicated video list of "additional technical essentials" on the openSAP Microlearning platform.

Let's check them out in more details below.

Expert Deep Dive Live Sessions for SAP Commerce Cloud

With the help of SAP authorised instructors, 7 Expert Deep Dive Live Sessions will show you more technical concepts and system/coding demonstration about SAP Commerce Cloud. Let's go through them 1-by-1 here:
(Please note, these live sessions are independent of each other and will repeat in a monthly frequency, so you can choose to register for any of the them if you are interested, all you need to do is clicking into the live session title below and take further check)

    • Identifying Scripting Support in SAP Commerce Cloud (duration: 2 hours) - Scripting support enables developing business logic without touching the underlying Java code base and restarting/redeploying SAP Commerce Cloud. This live session gives an introduction to the scripting support and how to apply scripts in general, as well as how to use scripting in implementing ImpEx, Cronjobs, Event handling, Task engine and dynamic Business Process management.
    • Configuring Integration API Module in SAP Commerce Cloud (duration: 2 hours) (available from Q1/2024) - As one of the most important integration support for SAP Commerce Cloud, Integration API Module enables OData RESTful web services based data communication with any compatible systems. This live session introduces the business benefits and key features of the Integration Api Module, explains the architecture of inbound and outbound integration, as well as the configuration/monitoring of integration objects and its application in Backoffice Integration Cockpit.
    • Monitoring SAP Commerce Cloud with Dynatrace (duration: 2 hours) - In this live session, you will learn how to monitor SAP Commerce Cloud in the Public Cloud (aka. SAP Commerce Cloud Version 2 / CCV2) with the pre-bundled Application Performance Monitoring Software (aka. APM) Dynatrace. You will get a detailed walk-through of the Dynatrace UI with demos of all the essential monitoring and analysis features. 
    • Getting started on Composable Storefront Development (formerly known as Spartacus) (duration: 2 hours) - Composable Storefront is a lean, Angular-based JavaScript storefront for SAP Commerce Cloud. In this live session, you will learn how to setup a local environment for the composable storefront development, including the SAP Commerce Cloud backend server and SmartEdit integration. On top of that, and as a starting point of the composable storefront customization, you will customize the backend CMS components and the frontend storefront components.
    • Understanding Hot Folders and Cloud Hot Folders in SAP Commerce Cloud (duration: 1 hour) - The “Hot Folders" feature has been used as a typical way to import data into SAP Commerce Cloud via the pre-built ImpEx functionality. This live session explains the implementation, configuration and customization of the “Hot Folders” functionality, and also gives an overview of “Cloud Hot Folders” and introduces its architecture, processing flow and configuration with SAP Commerce Cloud.
    • Introducing Interceptors in SAP Commerce Cloud (duration: 1 hour) - This live session introduces the concept of interceptors, different interceptor types, how to implement a new interceptor and highlight some best practices for applying the Interceptor implementation. The session ends with a practical exercise to show the concrete steps of implementing and a new interceptor and testing it on the SAP Commerce Cloud Storefront.
    • Introducing Backoffice Access Management in SAP Commerce Cloud (duration: 1 hour) (available from Q1/2024) - it is possible to display different content on a certain widget or restrict visibility of a specific instance of a widget via Backoffice roles, but how are these roles managed? This live session gives a brief introduction to Backoffice user roles and authority groups, as well as how to use them to show different application mash-up to different Backoffice users.

The "Additional Technical Essentials" Playlist

Besides the topics introduced in the expert deep dive live sessions, a new playlist named "Additional Technical Essentials" has been published on the openSAP Microlearning platform.
This playlist contains currently the following videos (but will continue to include more videos in the future), each of which is related to a technical topic related to the technical foundation of SAP Commerce Cloud, specifically:

    • Applying Dynamic Attributes in SAP Commerce Cloud introduces the concept of dynamic attributes, explains their significance, and provides the best practices for implementing them in SAP Commerce Cloud.
    • Customer Services in the Base Commerce Module gives an overview of customer services in the base commerce module and introduces the implemented APIs for order related customer support, such as order cancel, return and refund.
    • Working with Configurable Products introduces the concept of basic configurable products and how they are implemented in SAP Commerce Cloud.
    • Caching in SAP Commerce Cloud introduces the cache concept and its implementation based on EHCache, it also talks about how to customize existing and create new cache regions, and specific caching such as CMS cache.
    • Introducing Flexible Search Alternatives in SAP Commerce Cloud introduces polyglot persistence and generic search as alternatives to standard flexible search.
    • Understanding Custom Access Rights in SAP Commerce Cloud explains how to create and apply custom access rights and global permissions in addition to the basic security management.

Last but not least

The 2 channels highlighted in this blog post are being continuously updated to contain more content: either more expert deep dive live sessions or microlearning videos about further technical topics of SAP Commerce Cloud.
if you want to know more or get informed with the update of the 2 channels, please follow the blog post by clicking on the “follow” button on the left and get update information about the to be added

Thanks for reading! and see you next!