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It’s no secret that Silicon Valley has a love affair with buzzwords when it comes to describing its next batch of “seamless” and “transformational” innovations. But sometimes, there’s a legitimate reason why these terms work, as I was reminded of during the opening moments of the SAP Hybris Americas Summit taking place this week.

SAP Hybris CMO Jamie Anderson (pictured, far left) led a short and very sweet panel discussion with Hybris customers Sealed Air and Total Wine & More. The topic? Going Beyond CRM, which is “about breaking down organizational silos and providing one single view to the customer,” according to Anderson.

SAP Hybris customer Sealed Air, for instance, is going through a commercial transformation to become more than just the company that makes bubble wrap, according to Naveen Kandasami (pictured, left), Global IS, Director, Business Partnerships for Sealed Air. With 23,000 employees spread across many different countries, transformation of this size and scope is a huge undertaking. Where to begin?

With SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer at the core, Kandasmi said his team engaged with sales and service leadership across all regions and functions in order to develop a business case to include all KPI’s and benchmarks.

“It’s much more than just deploying a CRM solution,” said Kandasami. “You have to refine the process throughout all the functions. If we can get to the point where we are driving a seamless internal experience with right-time data, we’ll be in great shape.”

And how is the sales force at Sealed Air handling this commercial transformation?

“Our leadership said this solution will be built for sales and service professionals,” said Kandasami. “It was written big on the wall across all our blueprint sessions and we stuck to it. We want to be pushing information that is accurate, precise and at the right time. When that combination comes together in front of the customer, nine times out of ten it turns into a favorable outcome.”

Total Wine uncorks real revenue

With 143 stores, Total Wine & More is America’s largest purveyor of fine wine, beer and spirits is undergoing a digital transformation, aimed at bridging the online and in-store experiences. Efforts to date have yielded a sharp spike in growth, a great reason to pop the champagne.

In August 2016, Total Wine experienced a 79% increase in revenue compared to the same time last year (on their old CRM platform). September was 118% higher.

Surprisingly enough, increased revenue was a secondary goal, according to Tim Seavers (pictured, right), Sr. Director of eCommerce for Total Wine & More.

Seavers said when the company embarked on its Digital Omni-Channel Transformation project (DOT), the primary goal was to bridge the gap between in-store and online experiences. In response, Total Wine rolled out a loyalty program, powered by SAP Hybris, where customers earn points and gain status.

Now Total Wine customers can access their account and see their online and offline purchase history which is invaluable if they need to be reminded a favorite item they purchased in the past.

“That’s a huge value to us,” said Seavers.

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