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Instagram is Brands' Best Bet for Consumer Engagement

New Forrester Research shows that Instagram has the highest rate of consumer engagement with brands across all social networks.  Instagram’s consumer engagement rate is 60 times that of Facebook.  And the trend continues across all industries – Red Bull is seeing 300x’s as many likes on Instagram as on Facebook, and even General Electric is seeing elevated engagement.  Instagram, it isn’t just for fashion anymore….


How to Achieve and Measure the ROI of Consumer Engagement

Emma Tzeng shares her formula for recognition of returns on the investment made in consumer engagement.  Her formula consists of examining SEO traffic, social referral traffic, visit to conversion, and value of conversions in social media.  Read more, as she references a case study about the Dallas Morning News. She’s highly persuasive in soliciting companies to collect social data and also act upon it.

What’s Not To “Like”? The Impact of Social Media On Customer Engagement

Partly case study at SAP and partly experience of being involved in customer engagement on a number of levels, this author shares an approach to: a) understanding social media and it’s relationship to customer engagement b) the true impact of social media on customer engagement c) Why engagement becomes more meaningful over time and d) a content strategic approach for more engaging brand content.  As the title suggests: “What’s Not To ‘Like’?”


Instagram Is the King of Social Engagement

Forrester’s Nate Elliott shares the findings in his and Forrester’s study of more than 3 million user interactions with more than 2,500 brand posts on seven social networks.  What he found was that top brands’ Instagram posts generated a per-follower engagement rate of 4.21%.  That brand engagement rate was over 58% higher than Facebook and 120% higher than twitter.  Read more about the study in this post.


Photo credit: Wikimedia commons