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This document shows the latest state of the Cloud for Customer integration with S/4HANA Enterprise. It covers both S/4HANA editions, cloud and on-premise.

It is a presented as a comparison to what integration we offer to SAP ERP. Everything that is blue or green was added over the last two releases now is available. Everything that appears in white or orange is not yet available for S/4HANA but only for ERP.

In difference to ERP the different S/4HANA releases matter. For ERP we ship an add-on that contains the missing interfaces for C4C integration. For S/4HANA Enterprise (on-premise and cloud) the interfaces for C4C integration come as part of S/4HANA itself. So no need to install an add-on anymore. On the flipside certain integration features are only available with certain S/4HANA releases.

C4C Integration with S/4HANA Enterprise

Here the integration we offer for the on-premise edition S/4HANA Enterprise. First the master data view

and second the transactional data view:

C4C Integration with S/4HANA Enterprise Cloud

There is no change with C4C 1608. For completeness here is what we offer for the S/4HANA Enterprise Cloud edition. First the master data view

and second the transactional data view: