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Product and Topic Expert


Here the new features we offer for the C4C integration with SAP CRM in 1608. First master data

and second the transactional data:

As there is nothing much to say about the attachment support for business partner and activities, let's have a deeper look at integration of history enabled texts.

Opportunity replication now supports history-enabled texts/notes

The C4C opportunity has a BC setting that enables the notes history in opportunity.

If this option is enabled the opportunity stores the history of all notes. This is how it looks like if you made two notes in the opportunity.

The PI/HCI mapping for notes was adjusted that the C4C opportunity notes history is concatenated into one note in the CRM opportunity. Here you see the CRM opportunity that corresponds to the C4C opportunity.

One word of caution

Because the data models are different between C4C and CRM you have to watch out using this feature. It only works without any problem if you use it for transferring history enabled notes from C4C to CRM. In C4C the two notes in the notes history are physically two notes. The CRM opportunity doesn't support this. You can only have one note per language and text type. Because of this we concatenate the several C4C notes into one CRM note. If you now would update the one CRM note this updated note is sent to C4C and replaces the TWO C4C notes by ONE note that contains the concatenated text plus the change you did.