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The presentation includes an overview of features and functions that are new for Sales QuotesSales Contracts, and selected Cross Topics for SAP Cloud for Customer release 1902.

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Following features are added to this release for SALES QUOTES:

  • Create multiple C4C Sales Orders from one C4C Sales Quote

  • Create Sales Quote in full create mode

  • Three additional price elements for item pricing

  • Dynamic labeling of price elements

  • Enhanced BAdI to define e-mail body text

  • Party redetermination via user action

  • Allow item deletion after submit to customer

  • Disable mandatory check for list price (internal pricing)

  • Delivery priority on item level and configuration

  • Enhanced standard queries

  • Enhanced message severity (company)

  • Include GTIN in report

  • Disable Copy&Paste action

  • Enhanced Data Workbench support

  • Remove Zero-Quantity Items

  • Round-Offs and new Sales Order developments applicable for Sales Quote


Following features are added to this release for SALES CONTRACTS:

  • Display SAP ECC Price Agreements in Contracts

  • Sales Area dependent Contract Determination

  • Items – ´Copy´ Function

  • Internal and external ´Notes´ on Contract Item

  • ´Involved Parties´ on Contract Item

  • ´Delivery Priority´ on Contract Header & Item

  • Enhancement of Contract Workflow Object

  • Adding new Sections within contracts [via KUT]

  • Data Privacy – Refinement of Employee and Contact Person removal


Following features are added to this release for selected CROSS TOPICS:

  • Disable mandatory check for List Price (internal pricing)

  • Enhanced Authorization via BAdI Implementation using Sales Area

  • BAdI allows to define new MyTeam queries

  • Price List OData service has supports usage type For Federation