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The presentation includes an overview of features and functions that are new for Sales QuotesProduct Lists, and Language Adaptations for SAP Cloud for Customer release 1811.

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Following features are added to this release for SALES QUOTES:

  • Mass entry of products via copy&paste

  • Create follow-up contract from Sales Quote

  • Show item and total weight and volume calculation

  • Configurable mandatory check for employee responsible and seller party

  • Add attachment for completed Sales Quote

  • Show Sales Quote references in registered product / installed base

  • Enhanced Sales Quote approval conditions including three external price elements

  • Automatically assign tasks/ surveys from activity plans via workflow

  • Allow print of Sales Quote with bi-directional ERP integration

  • Default product quantity to zero

  • Change Incoterms on item level

  • Value help enhancements for involved parties

  • Enhanced external pricing result

Following features are added to this release for PRODUCT LISTS:

  • Mass entry of accounts and products via copy&paste

  • Show product lists for individual customers

Following feature is added to this release for LANGUAGE ADAPTATIONS:

  • Warning pop-ups related to new text pool collections to avoid unwanted deletion of data