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In this blog I will be covering some of the key features available in the November 2018 (1811) release of SAP Cloud for Customer – Fiori Client.



Sunset of HTML5 UI with 1911 release production upgrade

  • As announced with 1808 release, HTML5 UI will be sunset with 1911 release for all users.

  • HTML5 UI will be sunset for all users with the production upgrade of customers systems to 1911 release.

  • All users – Key users and Business users will only have access to Fiori client UI and can no longer access HTML5 UI with 1911 release upgrade.

  • All business user functionality (Feature parity with HTML5 UI) is planned to be available in Fiori client by 1902 release.

  • All key user functionality is planned to be available in Fiori client by 1905/1908 release.


Silverlight URL links now redirect to HTML5 UI

  • Since Silverlight UI is already sunset, all Silverlight UI URL links (if were book-marked by users) will redirect users to HTML5 UI.


Copy-Paste for lists in Object Details

  • Copy-Paste into lists is now available for lists where enabled. E.g. Sales Quote

  • Data can be copied form Excel or any delimited source file.

  • Users can quickly copy large amounts of data from Excel into a list. This speeds up data entry significantly.

  • Note: Supported delimiters are

    • Semi-colon and

    • Tab

Steps below show how to copy data from excel and paste into the data list:


Search and Add/Edit for Lists

  • Adding new line items or finding and editing existing line items in a list has been improved with the Search and Add/Edit capability for lists where enabled. In 1811 this is available in Sales Order and Fast Order Entry.

  • Users can search for items in the search box on the list toolbar.

    • Add scenario: If the item does not exist in the list, then it gets added to the top of the list.

    • Edit scenario: If the item exists in the list, then the corresponding row is highlighted and ready for editing.

  • Users can quickly add or edit list items without having to search in the list if the item exists or not.



Value Help Recent items

  • Value Help now remembers the recent searches the user may have done.

  • Users can quickly see the search terms they recently used and can trigger the search for such terms without having to type out the whole term.



Quick View enhancements

  • Quick View has been enhanced to show Flag, Favorite, Follow

  • Tagging is now possible directly on Quick View

  • Users can quickly flag, follow, favorite and tag key business objects via quick view without having to open the object detail page


Newsprint Layout

  • Newsprint layout is enabled by default in Object Details pages.

  • This layout optimizes the flow of sub-sections within the facets thereby reducing scrolling as sections flow upwards to reduce blank space

  • Users can quickly scroll through the information on sections without having to do lot of vertical scrolling through the page.

  • Newsprint layout can be disabled via company setting.

  • This setting will be removed with 1905 release upgrade.



Custom Tile – URL and HTML Mashup

  • URL and HTML Mashups can now be rendered within Homepage Tiles

  • For certain use cases it makes sense to have these mashups easily accessible on Homepage.

  • URL and HTML Mashups have to be defined before adding them to Homepage Tiles.

  • Create Custom Tiles in order to add Mashup tiles to Homepage

Microsoft Edge browser is now supported

  • Microsoft Edge browser is now supported

  • Support for Microsoft Edge browser helps customers planning to migrate to this browser.

Bing News Version 5 and 7 support

  • Bing News uses different API keys for Version 5 and Version 7. We now support ability to configure either of the versions (5 or 7) for Bing News tile.

  • This change is supported for Bing News tile in Fiori client and HTML5, though the setup can only be done in Fiori client UI.

  • Customers can now upgrade their Bing News from version 5 to version 7.

  • Version selection can be done for Bing News tile in Homepage Adaptation

  • Setup needs to be done in Fiori client only. The new APIs keys will for News tile in Fiori client and HTML5 UI.

Keyboard shortcut to edit Plain text Notes in full screen for Desktop

  • Keyboard shortcut - Control+Shift+Z, can now be used to edit plain text notes in full-screen mode for Desktops.

  • Full screen offers more use able space to see and edit more areas of the note without having to scroll within a small box.

Keyboard shortcut to edit Rich text fields (RTE) in full screen for Desktop

  • Keyboard shortcut - Control+Shift+Z, can now be used to edit plain text notes in full-screen mode for Desktops.

  • Full screen offers more useable space to see and edit more areas of the field without having to scroll within a small box.

Multiple Logon messages and Object Lock clearing

  • When a user logs into different sessions (via different browsers, browser tabs or the Extended App), they will not see the multiple login popup messages anymore.

  • In case the user is locking the same object in another session then they will receive an option to clear the object locks.

  • This is enhanced for Fiori client and HTML5 UI

  • Users will no longer receive the popup messages that indicated they have logged in via different sessions. This avoids unnecessary information.

  • In case a user is locking an object in another session, then they can simple clear the object locks without having to inform their administrators.

Navigate to Previous/Next in item Vertical Split Master-Detail pattern

  • It is now possible to navigate to the previous/next item in the Vertical-Split Master-Detail pattern.

  • This navigation is especially useful in portrait mode since the master list on the left is hidden in this mode.

Row Selection in alternate list views

  • “Select All” selection of rows is now possible in all list visualizations (Chunk view, Image views, Map views etc.) via the tri-state selection checkbox on the list footer bar.

  • Users can select all or de-select all on all visualizations of lists.

Incident Reporting

  • End user incident reporting screen has been made more responsive.

  • It is also possible to now annotate any issue directly into the incident.

  • The screen is now more responsive and it is easier to annotate screen images directly from the screen into the incident.

Theme Builder UI elements: Enhancements

  • The following elements have been added to Theme Builder in order to control UI color.

Semi-Collapsed Navigation Menu - Desktop

  • When Flat Navigation is enabled, it is now possible to have the semi-collapsed navigation also enabled for Desktop computers.

  • Semi-Collapsed navigation for Tablets is already supported.

  • Users can quickly launch object lists quickly without having to open/close the navigation menu.

  • Semi-Collapsed navigation for Desktop can be enabled via company setting shown below. In addition Hide Navigation menu setting should not be selected and Flat Navigation should be enabled.

Disable Multi-tabs on Desktop

  • Multi-Tabs can be now also disabled on Desktop devices.

  • Users who may want simpler and familiar web navigation (Back navigation within the application).

  • Multi-Tabs can be disabled on desktop via the company setting shown below:

Data Entry for fields limited to field length

  • For certain fields, the difference between length of characters allowed to be enter on the screen was more than the field length in database table. This has now been addressed and now only that many characters are allowed as per the field length.

  • User know how many characters to enter without having to fix such issues when an error message is raised during SAVE process.

Title Case

  • All of the titles in Object Details pages – Tab names, Sections names, Work Center names have been converted to title case.

  • This change has been done for Fiori client and HTML5 UI

  • Custom objects have to be adjusted by customers

  • This provides a cleaner and consistent look-n-feel for the UI.

  • Text changes can be done via Adaptation using HTML5 UI. E.g. shown below.

Shell-bar changes

  • Shell-bar has been tweaked to show:

    • New SAP Logo

    • New Notification icon

    • User's name is now replaced by an icon/image of the user. Clicking this launches the user menu

    • The App switcher is now moved to the right most part of the shell-bar.


Thank You

Shailesh Mane
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