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The presentation includes an overview of features and functions that are new for Sales Quotes, Product Lists, Sales Contracts and selected cross topics for SAP Cloud for Customer release 1808.

Link to What’s New Presentation

Following features are added to this release for SALES QUOTES:

  • Versions

  • Product Recommendations based on Machine Learning (Beta)

  • UI Optimization - Vertical split of Products view

  • Delete Related Activities

  • Enhanced Party Determination for Standard Parties

  • Enhanced Data Workbench Support including Pricing

  • Delete Items via Multi Select

  • Enhanced Output Message that includes symbol for UoM

Following features are added to for PRODUCT LISTS:

  • Enhanced Product Recommendations

  • Product Recommendations based on Machine Learning

Following features are added to for SALES CONTRACTS:

  • Territory in Contract

  • Integration Scenario Inbound Replication Only

  • Show SAP ERP Status in C4C Contract

  • Consider Account Hierarchy in Contract Facet of Account

  • “Excel Export” Authorization Restriction for Contract

  • Default search "My Team's Contract”

Following features are added for SELECTED CROSS TOPICS:

  • Report on Approval Tasks

  • Enhanced Party Determination for Standard Parties

  • Language Adaptation allows change of Approval Notifications (1808 only Sales Quotes and Ticket)