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In this blog I will be covering some of the key features available in the May 2018 (1805) release of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer for Fiori client.


Help Center and Company Specific Help

  • Help Center is now available on Fiori client.

  • It can be launched by selecting the menu option “Help” under the user profile menu.

  • Company specific help is also shown within the Help center. In 1805, only display of Company Specific Help is available. Authoring for such is still only available via HTML5 UI.

  • Users can now quickly access context specific help and regular help without having to navigate to HTML5 UI for such help content.

Incident Tracking

  • Incident Tracking is now available in Fiori client.

  • This can be accessed via the profile menu

  • Users can now track their incidents in Fiori client without having to navigate to HTML5 UI

  • Incident tracking can be disabled for business users by checking the “Disable Report Incident” company setting.

Alternate List Visualization: Image views

  • Image views are now available for lists where configured.

  • 3 sizes of image views are supported:

    • Large Image view

    • Medium Image view

    • Small Image view

  • Image views are supported on any lists where images are configured.

  • Image views provides information at a glance about objects where visual information is easier to consume.


Object Detail Side Pane (Desktop and Tablet only)

  • Side Panel is now available for Object Details enabled via company setting.

  • Side panel can be collapsed (or expanded) by clicking on the facet name e.g. “Details”.

  • Key information is now always accessible in the side panel while the user works on the main panel.

  • Side Panel can be enabled via company setting "Enable Side Pane in Fiori client".


  • NOTE: Side panel will become default from 1902 release and this company setting will be removed.

Side Pane – Object Header information to Details facet

  • Object header information is now moved into the side panel in the “Details” facet.

  • Header information is now always accessible in the side panel while the user works on the main panel.

  • Once Side Panel is enabled header fields are automatically moved into the “Details” facet in side panel.

Master Detail Vertical Split layout (Desktop and Tablet only)

  • The Products table in Sales Order now displays detailed information in a Master-Detail Vertical split pattern.

  • This layout is now by default turned ON.

  • Details about each line item can now be viewed and edited on a larger screen area.

  • Master Detail Vertical Split layout can be turned off via company setting - "Disable Vertical Split View for Master-Detail in Sales Order.

Color coding of lists

  • Color coding of cells in a list is now available.

  • Color coding provides quick visual information to the user there by grabbing user’s attention to critical business functions.

 Message Bar - Hide/Unhide

  • Message bar can now be hidden by selecting the “X” close action.

  • A message icon shows for any tabs that have a message.

  • Clicking on the message icon in tab to hide/unhide the message bar.

  • Users can now hide the message bar to hide messages they do not want to see while they work on the screens.

  • Hidden message bars can be easily brought back to focus to look at the messages raised.

  • Message icons on the tabs show which tabs have a messages.

Advanced Search indicator

  • Advanced Search indicator has been enhanced to show that search parameters have been maintained and query executed.

  • The indicator is not shown for pre-defined queries or queries that a user saves as their personal queries. Indicator is shown only when the user is doing ad-hoc searches based on advanced search parameters.

  • Users now know whether search parameters are maintained or not when executing a query with ad-hoc search parameters.

Enhanced Search behavior

  • Search on Object lists has been enhanced to be consistent with search experience across different screens.

  • The prefix “*” is added to the search term in addition to the suffix “*”. This results in the same behavior for searches across all areas of the application.

Links on Chunk View

  • Links on chunk view are now enabled.

  • Clicking on the links will navigate to the relevant destination.

  • When links are enabled on chunk view, navigation to the main object can be done by clicking the main object link.

  • Users can now navigate to different objects within the chunk view directly.

  • Links on chunk view can be enabled via company setting - "Enable links in Chunk View in Fiori Client".

  • NOTE: Links on Chunk view will be default from 1902 release and this company setting will be removed.

Click-to-Load Personalization

  • Click-to-Load queries can now be personalized in Fiori client.

  • This feature can be enabled for queries that have a long execution time. Automatic execution of such queries can now be disabled on load of the query. Users can use advanced search to narrow down the potential result set before executing the query.

  • Users do not have to use HTML5 UI to personalize queries.

  • In Fiori client, open advanced search (1) for data lists.

  • Then click “Organize Queries” (2) to open the dialog box as shown below.

  • Select the “Disable” checkbox (3) for queries which you want to disable auto execution of queries.

Multi Selection enhancement

  • Multi-Select checkboxes will now be visible always when the company setting is enabled.

  • The selection toggle switch is then removed.

  • For multi-select lists, checkboxes will be shown always. For Single select lists no checkboxes will be shown.

  • Users can save a click for enabling the multi-selection checkboxes since the toggle action icon is now removed with this company setting.

  • Mutli-select behavior change can be enabled via company setting for Enabling links in Chunk view.

  • NOTE: This behavior will be default from 1902 release and this company setting will be removed.

Navigation Menu hides upon login

  • Navigation Menu can be hidden by default upon login. The user can click on the hamburger icon to unhide the navigation menu.

  • Users get a cleaner look-n-feel upon logging in and can start working on their work areas without having to hide the navigation menu.

Login Page language selector

  • Login page language selector now shows the language selection options in the respective language instead of English.

  • Users can easily pick the language they want to login in without having to remember its English translation for selecting the login language.

Profile Menu

  • Users can now navigate to their profile information by clicking on their name directly.


Thanks You.


Shailesh Mane