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Periodic follow-up campaigns with prediction of best channel

Marketing administrators can fully automate e.g. event invitation campaigns with periodic follow-up campaigns.

  • Enhanced flow-based campaign user interface for all actions and periodic campaigns (old UI will be removed in 1708)

  • Assign communication category to all campaigns to control that only subscribers will be contacted

  • Predictive filter also for file export

  • Show and hide extension fields

  • In-place editing of spends with multi-period spend distribution

Here you find a demo video.

New & enhanced user interface for permission marketing

Marketing experts can easily verify marketing permissions, subscriptions including golden record and origin.

  1. New tab for permission marketing in contact fact sheet

  2. Display of permissions, subscriptions including golden record and origin

  3. Automatic deactivation of suppression models to ensure that rules are always on

  4. Duplicate suppression rules

  5. Manage mail and SMS whitelists for test systems

Here you find a demo video

Enhanced testing of mails / automatic send of multipart text mails

Marketing experts can easily verify how personalization in mails will look based on real or test data and automatically send mails as plain text.

  1. Automatically generate test mails for all languages

  2. Select specific test contact for personalization attributes

  3. Select test target group for personalization attributes

  4. Manually enter personalization attributes

  5. Optionally convert HTML to plain and send as multipart mail

Design custom campaign actions with interaction tracking

Marketing administrators and consultants can develop custom logic in campaign automation to connect any external channel (e.g. lettershop).

  • Programmatically connect external applications via HCI by developing custom actions in the campaign automation

  • Automatically provide follow-up data for any external system e.g. lettershop, webshop, service portal etc.

  • Pass over all personalization data automatically for each contact using HCI

  • In-place analytics for out- and inbound interactions

Segmentation & Target Group Configuration and transport

Marketing administrators can easily change and transport configuration between test and productive systems.

  • Segmentation

Create segmentation profiles with filters

Create segmentation objects, reference objects & key figure interval ranges.

  • Target groups

Configure member list & live target groups

set default segmentation objects for static target groups & key mapping.

  • Transport by apps for export/import of software collection