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Visits allow sales representatives to execute onsite tasks and survey planogram displays & products to ensure promotional compliance and effectiveness.

This functionality also becomes very useful for customer engagement over the phone – in telesales call center business scenarios, representatives also find value in having the ability to execute customer-relevant tasks and surveys while capturing insights for follow-up analysis.

In 1611, we’ve enabled this functionality such that administrators can set up tasks and surveys within activity plans to be assigned to phone calls that meet specified routing criteria.

The first step to enabling this is to first scope in the question “Do you want to enable tasks and surveys during phone calls?” Once this is scoped in, routing rules can then be assigned for phone calls, and the Tasks/Surveys facets will appear for phone calls.

After successful scoping, users can then create activity plans with tasks and valid surveys, and then route these activity plans to phone calls.

Note: Phone call worklists currently only handle tasks/surveys of frequency ‘Always’ – one-time tasks/surveys are not currently supported for phone calls.

After a phone call is created, tasks and surveys will be determined and assigned to the phone call based on the criteria maintained in the activity plan. This process is currently administered by a system background job that executes every eight minutes. Similar to visits, there is also a background job that runs nightly that refreshes phone calls with the latest worklist information. In case that users don’t want to wait for the background job to process the worklist determination/assignment, users can utilize the “Refresh Phone Call” action within the Phone Call itself to trigger this manually.

Once the relevant tasks and surveys have been assigned either automatically or manually through the “Add” button, users can then begin executing these items at the time of the phone call.