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In this blog I will be covering some of the key features available in November 2016 release of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer for Responsive UI.

Key enhancements have been made in the area of reducing the number of clicks needed to perfrom business transactions, visual design and optimization for smartphone.

Flat Navigation Menu

  • You can now enable Flat Navigation Menu. This feature is useful for business users who typically work with a small set of work centers. This helps in avoiding an additional click in opening up the work center and then selecting the work center view.

  • On tablets only, a semi-collapsed view of the navigation menu is available.

  • Some work center views like Target Group are assigned to multiple work centers and hence might appear twice, hence please take care of fixing the work center view assignment to business role.

Create New in Data Sets

  • Create New in OWL (Object Work Lists) is now triggered via the “+” sign.

  • Clicking on the “+” sign launches the Quick Create form.

  • NOTE: Please also note that auto-refresh on data sets is now not available.

Easy Create in Object Details

  • When you are in an object detail view, Easy Create lets you create a related objects, passing in the context.

  • This reduces a few click as you do not have to first navigate to respective tab to create a follow-up object.

  • Easy Create is available within an object detail page can be triggered via the “+” sign.

  • Clicking on the “+” sign launches the Quick Create form for the relevant objects.

Visual Design improvement for Toolbar in Smartphone

  • Toolbars have been redesigned for the smartphones. On the smartphone the toolbar is now shown on one row.

  • Clicking on the Search action the search bar opens up on the next row.

  • Clicking on the overflow icon additional actions are shown on the next row

The image below shows the Toolbar changes for Dataset:

The image below shows the Toolbar changes for Object detail:

Chunk View enhancements

  • Editing for chunk view has been optimized

  • Phone number, Email address and Address fields are now clickable where enabled

  • Administrator can now define the primary navigation target for the chunk via the SAP Application Studio. This table column could be located anywhere is the table or be a hidden column.

  • Administrator can also disable chunk view for specific custom tables.

  • Chunk view can be set as default for Tablets via company settings.

Marketing Attribute have been enhanced for Smartphone 

  • Attribute set – User selected attribute sets are displayed.

  • User can delete the selected attribute set.

Detail tab for Header fields - Smartphone

  • On the smartphone, information which was available in the header area has now been moved to a separate “Details” Tab.

Hierarchy Chunk view - Smartphone

  • Hierarchy Chunk view is now available on Smartphones.

Annotation – Share via Email

  • Annotation is now supported in the Extended Edition app and Responsive UI on the browser

  • Tools are enabled for free-hand, arrow, rectangle and call-out texts

  • You can save the annotated image on the browser or email it in the extended app (the native email capabilities of the platform are used)

Cropping Image before Upload

  • Images can now be cropped before uploaded to the system


Section Group – Expand and Collapse

  • Section groups can now be expanded or collapsed.

  • This provides easier access to this information by expanding relevant sections and collapsing not so relevant sections.

  • Users can better manage their screen usage and readability of the screens

Modal/Popup Dialog – Ability to resize and move

  • Modal dialog boxes can be now resized and moved around where enabled by applications.

  • Users can access information that is behind the modal dialog box.

  • Ability to see all error message on model dialog as well.

Multi Value Code list filter

  • Selection of multi-value fields filter values has been streamlined. Users can now pick all the multi values in the drop down list in one step

RTL (Right to Left language) support

  • Support for Right-to-Left languages is now available e.g. Arabic, Hebrew.

  • Note: Please see limitations list for not supported controls - Marketing Attributes, Document Flow, Fast Order Entry, Activity time view, Retail- Transaction Timeline, Team Calendar and Product Details, AFS- Grid Based Ordering and Product Details, Buying Center, Timeline in Opportunity, Resource Scheduler, Live Activity Center, Guided Activity Floorplan (GAF), Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and Genband Specific Control .

Activities Tile

  • Activity Tile has been redesigned to provide more information about upcoming activities

  • Up to 3 upcoming activities are displayed on the tile, these activities can be on a future date as well.

  • The type of activity (Appointment, Visit, Phone call) can be identified based on icon

  • The name of activity and account is visible along with start and end time.

News Tile

  • Background for the News tile has been made neutral for easy readability

  • News configuration is now possible via the Adaptation feature for homepage for specific business roles. Administrators can now configure:

    • Contextual News

    • RSS feeds

Homepage report tile enhancements

For Report Tiles x-axis labels and legends are now shown.

Company Settings

Following new company settings are now available:

  • Set Chunk view as default for Tablets

  • Enable Flat Navigation Menu

  • Enable Easy Create in Object Detail view

  • Specify Cache Validity for Thumbnail images.  Note that this is only valid for the thumbnail images for contact picture, product picture and so on

  • Set Responsive UI as preferred client via company setting.

In addition the following company settings will also be honored in Responsive UI

  • Disable User Personalization Feature (Example: To prevent end user to personalize Home page in RUI)

  • Disable Flag, Favorites, Follow,

  • Disable Report incident

Restricting Number of open Tabs to 10 on Tablets.

  • This restriction is only for Tablets and not on desktop.

  • For a better performance experience on tablet, number of tabs is now restricted to 10.

  • An information message is shown when this limit is reached

  • Users can open additional objects only after closing some of the open tabs such that the tab count does not exceed 10

Recent History (HTML5 UI only)

  • Get a more streamlined experience in finding and retrieving items in different work centers through the new Recent History work center view.

  • Recent History work center records all the recent documents opened by you and displays it in a single view for quick access. In this work center view, you can quickly access the recent items you worked with without having to search in the solution. This feature is available in HTML5 UI client only.

  • SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer ships the following 4 predefined variants: All, Contacts, Opportunities, and Tickets. All available variants in the solution are:

    • Customer,

    • Contact,

    • Lead,

    • Opportunity,

    • Sales Quote,

    • Sales Order, and

    • Tickets.


Thanks You

Shailesh Mane