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The following new features and changes come with our Microsoft Outlook® integration in August 2016.

Server profiles

Administrators can now predefine a default profile for all users who use the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer add-in for Microsoft Outlook® . Each user can personalize their profile in the add-in itself.


  • The settings in the profile are simply a defaulting mechanism. They can be changed by the end-user at anytime in the add-in.
  • The settings are automatically downloaded one time only during the upgrade (1605 -> 1608)
  • After this, the user can request for the settings anytime by using 'Reset' in the add-in settings

Show External ID

When you add an item as a reference, you can personalize the search dialog box to show or hide different fields including External ID. This is currently supported for Accounts and Opportunities.

Obsolete contacts are removed from Microsoft Outlook®

If you change the status of a contact to obsolete, the next synchronization will remove these contacts from Microsoft Outlook® . If you switch back the status to active, you will need to manually trigger synchronization using 'Download Contacts'.

Sort columns in the side panel

If you have chosen to display item information in the side-panel in Microsoft Outlook® , you can sort the columns in each section by clicking on the column header.

End of support: Microsoft Outlook® 2007

Support for Microsoft Outlook® 2007 is coming to an end in February 2017.
As of November 2016, you cannot install the add-in for Microsoft Outlook ® 2007.
For the November 2016 release, only critical issues will be resolved, and no enhancement requests will be considered.
We recommend upgrading your Microsoft Outlook® to one of the supported versions.
For more information, see the SAP Cloud for Customer System and Software Requirements document, which you can access from the SAP Help Portal.