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With Cloud for Service, release 1608, SAP continued to enhance its capabilities in the area of “I-Base, “Installation Points” and “Registered Products”. Main enhancements in this section in 1608 are:

  • I-Base offline enhancements
  • I-Base status enhancements
  • Installation Point: new facets
  • Installation Point: add Functional Locations
  • Registered Product:
    • New Location Determination
    • New Ticket from OWL
    • Hierarchical List

From an “offline” perspective, for I base SAP continue to enhance offline capabilities and matching these more and more with online capabilities. With 1608 it is possible to run the following functionalities for I-base in offline mode:

  • Installed Base and Registered Product facets now enabled on Account TI in offline mode
  • The Tickets facet on Registered Product is enabled in Offline
  • The Contracts facet on Registered Product is enabled in Offline
  • Installed Base now supports the following My queries in offline
    • My Installed Bases – Employee Responsible
    • My Installed Bases – Service Technician

Besides these offline enhancements, the “status management” on I-base objects has been further developed. It is now possible to reinstate an obsolete item by changing the status from Obsolete to Blocked (Changing the status from Blocked to Active was already possible). This status change (from Obsolete to Blocked) is enabled for all - Installed Base Item, Registered Product and Installation Point (it was already supported for Installed Base header). This feature is also enabled in offline mode for Installed Base item and Registered Product.

On the “Installation Point” side, with 1608 two new facets were introduced: Changes and Attachments. Within the “Changes” facet, it is now possible to track changes made to an installation point while via the “Attachment” facet, attachments can be added to an “Installation Point”.

Another major enhancement for “Installation Points” in 1608 is, that now an “Installation Point“ can be assigned to an existing functional location as a child item under another functional location.

Please note, that once an Installation Point is assigned, the field cannot be changed.

Important enhancements also in the area of “registered products”. Many customers requested that the “location” data while creating a registered product should not be determined by default from the “customer address” but from the “ship to” address. This option is now possible since 1608. To install it, some scoping settings need to be adjusted and once this is done, the “ship to” address (if maintained) is taken by default as the “location address” of a registered product.

Furthermore it is now possible to create a ticket directly out of the OWL of registered products. If this is done, certain fields are automatically prefilled in the ticket such as, customer, serial ID, product etc.

Finally, with 1608 Registered Products Items can now be sorted in a Hierarchical List (H-List). You can add new or existing registered products at different levels in the H-List. With this, most actions known from Installed Base Items H-list are available in Registered Product Items H-List as well.