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In this blog I will be covering some of the key features released in 1608 for Responsive UI.

Homepage Enhancements


Homepage Personalization and Adaptation

  • Key Users can define Tiles that are Available and Visible by default, for a specific business roles
  • End user can remove or add tiles based on what is allowed for their business role.

Homepage Groups

  • Tiles can be collected in a group for easy organization
  • Key User and End Users can create, edit and delete groups.
  • End users can only delete groups they have created.

Warning message for number of KPI and Report tiles on the homepage for optimal performance experience

  • Users will now get a warning message when they exceed recommended number of KPI and Report tiles on the homepage for optimal performance experience.
  • The warning limits are only on
    • KPI Tiles = 10 maximum
    • Report Tiles = 4 maximum
  • Once these limits are reached the user will receive these warning messages when they try to add more of these types of tiles.
  • Users can still add additional tiles for these tile types, but doing so will impact performance of the Homepage, and hence we wanted to warn the key users about it, so that they can make the best trade-off while designing the home page for a specific business role.
  • There is no limit on List tiles, Tool Tiles and Custom Tiles.

Homepage Optimization

  • Scorecard facet has been removed to simplify searching for  homepage tiles
  • When adding tiles, administrators can see if the tile is already available for the role and is visible by default.

Quick Create via Homepage

  • You can create records using the + icon from home page
  • This feature is supported on all form factors – Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone
  • This is launched via the “+” at the bottom left of the screen

Advanced Search enhancements

  • Advance Search has been enhanced to support operator like
    • Equal To
    • Greater than
    • Greater than or equal to
    • Less than
    • Less than or equal to
    • Between
    • Contains pattern
    • Is initial
  • When defining a Query you can “Include” and “Exclude” multiple search options
  • For multi-valued list fields AND/OR condition are also supported like we did in HTML5 UI

Chunk View as alternate visualization for Tables

  • A new view called as a “Chunk” View is now available in Desktop, Tablet & Smartphones as an alternative view for Table/List views with 1608 release of SAP Hybris Cloud for customer

In Desktop and Tablet, first 9 fields from List View are shown in new chunk view.

  • If the Key user adapts the List view (add columns, remove columns, or change sequence) the changes are reflected in Chunk view as well.
  • If end user personalizes the list view (add columns, remove columns or change sequence) the changes are reflected in Chunk view as well.
  • In HTML5 data sets like Accounts we offered Card view in the past. This Card view of HTML5 is very similar to Chunk view in Responsive UI, so HTML5 card view will not be offered in Responsive UI.

In Smartphone the first 7 fields from list view are shown

  • If the Key user adapts the List view (add columns, remove columns, or change sequence) the changes will be reflected in Chunk view.
  • Key user can also use smartphone layout to specifically hide some fields only for smartphone.
  • If end user personalizes list view (i.e add columns, remove columns or change sequence) the changes will be reflected in chunk view as well.
  • List view is not supported in smartphone, instead default view for smartphone, is chunk view for better touch experience.
  • We also offer a condensed chunk view, in which field descriptions are not shown. only the field values are shown. This saves some space, and helps print more rows. End user can decide to switch to condensed chunk view if they understand the fields based on looking at values only.

More information about Chunk view can be found on a separate blog at

Detail View - Swipe Gestures in Smartphones

  • Swipe gesture is now supported on Smartphones to move to next/previous facet within Object Details page.
  • Swiping in both direction is supported i.e. right-to-left or left-to-right.

Vertical scroll - Better utilization of screen space on smart phone

  • Collapsing Tool bar, Shell bar and Title bar area, as the user scroll up.
  • On scroll down, the Tool bar shows up and then eventually the shell bar and title bar also show-up.

Visual Design Enhancements in Calendar

  • On smartphone user can see 7-hour work day without having to scroll. The toolbar collapses to increase space to view calendar events

Supported for Formatted text type extension fields in Edit.

  • User can now Edit and maintain Rich Text in Responsive UI

Notes History enhancements

  • Notes are expanded completely by default to improve readability. This is also implemented for notes boxes on Overview facets of Object details page.
    • On browser, inline editing is supported
    • On touch devices a separate popup is shown to edit notes
  • “Collapse All” will collapse all notes to show maximum of 3 lines for each note.
  • Note “Edit” and “Delete” texts have been replaced with icons

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Disable Quick View based on Company Settings: Many customers expressed interest to disable Quick View functionality. This ability is now available via Company Settings in HTML5 UI.
  • Link to launch HTML5 UI:
    • "Launch HTML5" link in browser will launch the current screen in a new browser tab in HTML5 UI.
    • This can be used by end user to personalize the screen in HTML5 UI,
    • Personalization made in HTML5 UI will be then reflected in Responsive UI upon browser refresh.
  • In the Extended Apps following features are not available in Offline mode and are now switched off:
    • Enterprise Search
    • Notifications
    • Reporting Incidents
    • Checking for Updates
    • Tile navigation where applicable
    • Access to Help link
    • Map view