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The 1608 SAP Hybris Cloud for Service (& Social) release is full of great capabilities, new and enhanced functionality, as well as integration extensions across both Customer Service and Field Service scenarios. We are excited to provide a blog series for this release. On the SAP Hybris Cloud for Service side - the following blogs will be available in the What's New in 1608 SCN Blog Series:

  • Customer Service
  • Contracts & Maintenance Plans
  • Resource Scheduler
  • Offline Enablement
  • Ticket Enhancements
  • Installed Base/Registered Products
  • Time recording

This blog covers the new Customer Service captivities in the 1608 release. We have improvements in the area of Contact Center capabilities with improved handling of multiple identified contacts and linking, however I will not go into details on these, rather focus on other key enhancements. For a complete set of details of What's New - please do reference the knowledge management link at the end of this blog.  So let's get started.....

What's New in Workflow

A couple of key enhancements in workflow include rounding out SMS Notification handling and a new Workflow Monitor. SMS notifications were enabled in an earlier release, but the ability to create a workflow to include custom defined parties was not yet available. Now, in 1608 when defining a workflow for an SMS notification you have the ability to select custom defined parties. Additionally, SMS ticket routing was further enabled thus rounding out the SMS channel enablement throughout the service process!

Have you ever wondered why a ticket was in a certain status? Or routed to a certain resource? Why did it disappear from my worklist? In many cases, during implementation, testing or even production, customers have many workflows defined that impact ticket processing. Today - you are able to easily find answers without having to look through individual rules or the ticket change history. As an administrator you can go to the new Workflow Log and see exactly what workflow rules have been executed on tickets and also those that will be executed in the future. A great option for troubleshooting tickets as well as ensuring your rules are working as expected during your projects implementation and testing phases.  Below you can see the Workflow Log. From here you can also navigate directly to the workrule or the effected object (in the case of service - most likely the ticket).

Social Media Enhancements

A couple of key capabilities in SAP Hybris Cloud for Social include the ability to attach a photo to a Facebook or Twitter reply and Instagram channel integration via Sprinklr.

An agent can attach a photo when replying via the response feeder in a ticket. No more are agents limited to text responses! Photo's can add greater detail and increase brand awareness and can also reduce time in providing a detailed response. As an organization you can provide images for standard or common responses which also leads to response consistency. Here's what it looks like:

One last point about the photo attachment is that with Twitter you cannot attach a photo when replying as a direct message. Facebook allows this, so with Facebook you can not only "post a reply" using a photo attachment, however, you can also attach a photo when replying to a comment and sending a direct message.

Now let's move on to Instagram Channel Integration via Sprinklr. SAP has partnered with Sprinklr to provide social channel integration. Today we support the scenario with Instagram. There is an additional license fee for Sprinklr so please be considerate of that, however the configuration is completed in C4C. I'll get 'how' in a bit.

The Instagram channel is integrated into the standard social channel service process - just like our natively integrated channels Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. So you will see Instagram in social media activates, you will have automatically generated tickets and see those tickets in the integrated queue and use the response feeder from within the ticket to respond and view the history and also directly link to the post on Instagram.

In the above image you can see the reply in the ticket as well as the corresponding Instagram account view of the response. For configuration you have a couple of areas that are relevant: Defining the import run from Sprinklr and second, setting up the social media channels.

I hope you are able to gain great benefits from enabling and leveraging these latest enhancements. And please check out ALL the latest 1608 features and details in our documentation:!