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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Here are the enhancements we deliver with our August 2016 release:


Orchestrate Campaigns with SAP Hybris Customer Journey*)

Seamless integration of SAP Customer Journey*) and SAP Hybris Marketing or S/4HANA Marketing Cloud campaigns:

  • Design activities in customers journey which orchestrates multiple campaigns

  • Select and link campaigns in

  • Directly see success data in Customer Journey

*) SAP Hybris Customer Journey is available as beta solution for selected countries.

Advanced E-Mail and template editor

More flexible & easy definition of mailings with personalized display of offers and multiple products:

  • Create & edit templates and mails in the same app

  • Save mails as templates

  • Drag & drop for content blocks and external HTML content

  • Control what can be edited by standard or expert users

  • CMS/DAM Integration for pictures from Hybris Commerce in S/4HANA

  • Add product lists or offers to any e-mailing coming from any product catalog

  • Automatically check content validity (e.g. broken links)

  • See this video to learn more

Advanced offer & product data in E-Mails

Marketing experts can dynamically display personalized offers (e.g. free shipping, buy one get two) and product lists in e-mails:

  • Design personalized e-mails with individual products and offers

  • Embed offers in e-mails including automatic eligibility check per contact

  • Search and add product lists coming from any product catalog

SAP Hybris Commerce as image library for mails in S/4HANA Marketing Cloud

Marketing experts can directly search & reuse pictures stored in SAP Hybris Commerce:

  • Full text keyword searching against asset metadata

  • Browse through your search results

  • Possibility to search across multiple digital asset management systems

  • Combined result sets over connected digital asset management systems

  • Only approved images are available

  • Option to view and select images in different resolutions

Landing Page analytics based on extendable SAP HANA view

Marketing experts can do out-of-box analysis of the landing page success:

  • Out-of-the-box KPIs: Views, Submits, New contacts

  • Time range selection

  • Build your own reports with SBEE/Insight, SAP Lumira or SAP BusinessObjects Cloud *)

  • Cross landing page analytics with extensible Hana analytical view for landing page success*).

*) Possible with SAP Hybris Marketing on premise or private cloud only

Open Channel Action: Develop in S/4HANA customer-specific campaign actions e.g. lettershop, workflows or mobile apps

Marketing experts can use customer-specific campaign automation actions to e.g. automate e.g. printing of personalized brochures:

  • Programmatically connect external applications via HCI by developing custom actions in the campaign automation

  • Automatically provide follow-up data for any external system e.g. lettershop, mobile app, web-shop, service portal etc.

  • Pass over all personalization data automatically for each contact using HCI also in S/4HANA

  • In-place analytics for outbound interactions

Enhanced look & feel for campaign and target groups

Marketing experts can more easily get an overview on campaigns and target groups:

  • New overview page in campaign

  • In flow display of campaign success

  • Enhanced display of e-mails and collaboration

  • Campaign categories in Launchpad

  • Target group tile view with last activity, interaction score & links

External Campaign Integration e.g. for ad service platforms

Marketing experts can plan campaigns, define targets groups and trace campaign success in SAP S/4HANA or Hybris Marketing with a flexible integration to any external systems technically executing the campaigns e.g. ad service platforms like Turn, SAP XM etc.:

  • Hand-over unique identifier from a target group using HCI also in S/4HANA

  • Standard integration to SAP XM for display ads

  • CSV upload of success data

  • Available on-premise and public cloud

Flexible S/4HANA analytics for campaign e-mail success

Marketing experts can build and extend in S/4HANA Marketing Cloud their own embedded reports to track campaign success for e-mails:

  • Extendible email & SMS Cross Campaign Success view in S/4HANA (aka CDS view)

  • Consume campaign success data in SAP BusinessObjects Cloud (aka C4A)

  • Use Query Designer and Query Browser to manage your reports in S/4HANA

  • Build custom CDS Views with End-to-End Extensibility in S/4HANA

Enhanced S/4HANA Segmentation Customizing

Cloud customers can adapt segmentation without the need to demand services from shared service center:

Approve Campaigns with SAP Business Workflow

Enhanced flexibility, automation and usability for campaign approval:

  • Flexibly define approval rules
    using SAP Business Workflow e.g. campaigns with
    budget >1.000 €

  • Select an approver & request campaign release using SAP Business Workflow

  • Send mail notifications with links

  • Release, reject, forward or suspend

  • Define substitution rules

WeChat Campaign Integration

Marketing experts are enabled to execute WeChat campaigns in SAP Hybris marketing and analyze the campaign success report:

  • WeChat Digital Account Management

  • Analyze WeChat contact acquisition & subscription status & their interactions.

  • Display geo-location with Baidu Map

  • WeChat campaign execution

  • WeChat content integration

  • Campaign success analytics

  • Trigger-based campaign

  • See more in the WeChat Video

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