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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Customer data solutions from SAP formed when SAP purchased Gigya in 2018. We offer enterprise-ready solutions focused on customer identity and access management (CIAM), consent and preference data management, B2B partner lifecycle management, and customer data platforms (CDPs).

In this blog post, we will give you highlights from the webcast which will help you understand (What’s New for CIAM and ECPM)- Recording from the webcast can be found here


Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

Turn Unknown User to Loyal Customer

 1)   Customer Onboarding

  • Passwordless Journey will allow frictionlessly authentication. The new Fido 2 option allows passwordless logon to the user console. Coming soon there will be a passwordless option surrounding around an email with the help of tools such as Email Magic Link and  Email OTP

  •  FIDO/WebAuthN will be further explained in a future webinar.

  • Native Screen sets which have been available since last year are becoming a standard best practice for mobile applications. New features include a new and refreshing UI.

  • Now with React Native SDK, if you have a react implementation you can easily integrate customer data cloud into mobile application

2)  Secure Engagement

  • reCAPTCHA V3 Support doesn’t have a visual challenge and instead returns a risk score. Without the visible friction this allows much more seamless authentication.

  • OIDC Enhancement

3) Engagement on their Terms:

  • IDX Enhancement increases the flexibility of scheduling.

4)   Understand the customer

  • You can now mute child sites and pay close attention to only the extensions that are important to you.


Enterprise Consent and Preference Management (ECPM)

ECPM is all about building trust and transparency with the End user


 1)  SAP Customer Consent

a. Preference and consent capture

  • Custom data can be defined both on the statement and local level

  • Import active and historical consent records with user timestamp

  • Conditional double opt-in


b.     Version Control

  • Create a different consent item for a new version of consent that will not override the previous version – which will allow to view all historical consent configuration definitions

  • Manage versions on the locale level

  • Retrigger consent on the Local Level – impacts each locale specifically and separately

  • Manage different statuses of the various versions

    1. Draft – when a new version is being worked on and is not visible to the end-user

    2. Published –The version that is visible to the end-users

    3. Historical – The versions that were published in the past and are no longer visible to the end-users

  • Operate different actions on the versions

    1. Copy

    2. Delete – At the moment enabled only on versions in a Draft mode.


c.     Accurate and governed records

  • Flexible retention period configuration

  • Consent Webhooks for status change notification


Few Q&A which were asked during the Webinar

Q1) Will there be a solution to the 3rd party cookie problem with SSO?

 That's an area that we're actively exploring solutions for. For now, the Central Login Page  approach continues to be the best option since it eliminates the third-party problem, but we understand that's not always possible in certain business scenarios. We're actively investigating alternative options with the goal of keeping the same seamless SSO experience.

Q2) Will I be able to set the consent retention period for longer than 7 years?

At the moment 7 is the longest retention period we enable

Q3) Does the consent solution interface / synchronize with C4C service and sales cloud to ensure the same customer base is both applications?

Not yet, we are working to have such integration in place in Q4


Please comment on the blog if you have any questions or feedback related to the blog series.


Mónica Domingo

GTO Customer Experience Value map