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Visits/surveys are one of the most important channels to gather insightful information from the customers. This information always tend to carry crucial data for follow-up actions. The data collected gets further corroborated with attachments. Therefore effective assignment of attachments along with careful analysis can led to logical business conclusion

There are basically two ways to associate attachments to survey and visit - during runtime and design time. The design time attachments are typically associated during designing the survey or creation of the visit. The runtime attachments are normally taken during the on-field activities.

Over a period of time, considering the high volume usage of visits/survey, these attachments can run into a huge numbers. Finding the correct set of attachments from this big pool can be challenging and in the end it may defeat the purpose for which the attachment was taken. Hence it becomes very important to have a means which would enable the user to quickly and efficiently arrive at a right set of attachments

The attachment search functionality in 1608 Release provides a single window to search for attachments related to both Surveys and Visits. This would help the user to quickly find the required attachments across all available Surveys/Visits.

The user can search for attachments based on the following parameters

  • Object ID/Name – In this case the object is the visit.
  • Survey ID/Name – The name and ID of the survey.
  • Account ID/Name – The account for which the survey/visit has been created
  • Uploaded By – The User who has uploaded the attachment
  • Document Name – Name of the attachment
  • Uploaded at – the date criteria in which the attachment was uploaded.

For ease of use couple of Pre-defined queries are also provided in the standard release – Attachments for last 7 days and for last month. The user can further create and save queries for quick access based on the above parameters.

The user can also sort and filter based on the above mentioned parameters to arrive at the desired set of attachments

The Attachment search facet can be found within the Survey work center view and only the list view is available in this release.

Going forward we also intend to include access rights and account extension fields in attachment search.

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