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This "What's New" update is all about integrations, with some great new features that make it easier for you to integrate SAP Customer Data Cloud into your various business flows. Check it out!

Enterprise Integration Enhancements: IdentitySync
IdentitySync is the SAP Customer Data Cloud tool for data transfers, integrating with other platforms by writing directly to the target platform, exporting a file, manipulating data and more. IdentitySync just became that much more scalable with the introduction of Shared Variables that can be shared between different partners, data centers and sites. This is useful for credentials, or any variable that is reused in different flows. It saves the hassle of retyping and minimizes manual errors; it also enables updating variable values in a single location, instead of manually updating different dataflows.

Near Real Time Integration Updates: Webhooks
We gave some great new additions which have gone live for Webhooks, making it easier to use Webhooks in your business flows and syncing with downstream applications. The new version 2.0 supports signing the Webhook with a JWT and includes the API key from which the hook was triggered, for supporting various site group scenarios. In addition, the new version supports Global Access sites.
Also, you will soon be able to check the status of a Webhook: the time the last bulk was sent, and the status received for them from the downstream system.

Data Enrichment Integrations: Extensions
One of the options SAP Customer Data Cloud provides for extending your implementation is Extensions, which allows you to apply custom logic to incoming requests for registration, login and account update. Until now, the Extensions service supported only validation scenarios: based on the data included in the request, you could decide whether to stop the current flow (for example, prevent someone registering with an abusive name), or allow it to continue. Now, you can also use the Extensions service to enrich existing profiles via the profile update flow. For example, if this user exists in a third-party system, you can fetch additional data from there and save it to the user profile. This new capability gives you much greater flexibility in your integration scenarios.

For an overview of the SAP Customer Data Cloud extensibility options, visit our developer's guide.

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