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Exciting features have been released this month, don't miss them!

Passwordless Push Authentication:

Great news for our Identity suite: Following in the footsteps of phone number login, our next passwordless authentication option is now live, making it possible for your customers to just approve a pop-up on their phone to log into your site, saving them the hassle of remembering passwords. Learn more about it here. This feature is a big step towards realizing our vision of flexible end-user authentication.

This release includes new registration screens, a new policy and new Android and iOS SDKs.

New Import Guide: A while back, we started migrating our import process to IdentitySync, SAP Customer Data Cloud's robust platform for scalable data transfers. Hundreds of thousands of successful user imports later, we have put together this guide to walk you through the self-service import process. Import is used not only for a one-time data migration, but for ongoing imports into Customer Data Cloud, and even to update existing accounts.

Lastly, our Console UI harmonization project is complete, with a fantastic new look for the UI Builder, including organizing all the screens in a set in a collapsible list, a cleaner look, and embedding the UI Builder tool within the Console so that other menus are still available for better navigation.

The Schema Editor has also finally been upgraded to the SAP Fiori design:

As always, you can visit our Release Notes page for a full list of released features. Well done to all the teams involved!