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Summer holidays don't slacken our pace as this August release sees the delivery of cool new features for SAP Customer Data Cloud. Here are some of the highlights.

"Bring Your Own SMS Provider"

Every communication with your customers is an opportunity to fine-tune your messaging. Recognizing the need for flexibility around SMS messages received from SAP Customer Data Cloud (when using Phone Number Login or 2nd Factor Authentication), a new Extension supports not only using whatever SMS provider you choose, but customizing the message, applying your own analytics, validating the phone number: basically we're giving you the option to take control over the SMS process, while still fully supporting existing SAP Customer Data Cloud providers and configurations if you choose to use them.

Risk Based Authentication

We've recently released support for applying Risk Based Authentication to server-side implementations as well, where previously we only supported RBA for Screen-Set implementations. Now, we've added a new 'riskScore' parameter for passing the level of risk associated with a login attempt and applying RBA rules based on that. You can read more in our Release Notes.


The second phase of our document storage feature is now live, so that you can store your consent statement documents (PDF) on SAP Customer Data Cloud, and display them to your end users during registration and other interactions. The URLs that were displayed to the user are also saved to the Consent Vault.

Native Screen-Sets

Our mobile developers continue to invest in Native Screen-Sets, our low-code solution for delivering an awesome experience on mobile. The current release includes support for the "forgot password" flow as well as a smart JSON editor complete with schema mapping and auto-complete functionality. Follow our blogs and webinars for more information of this growing solution!