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  • WEBCUIF             747

  • ST                         720

Main Content:

  1. Explain the difference between Free Text and Full Text in Central Search of a Solution Manager system, which can reflect the similar mechanism in CRM system also

  2. How were different parts of Central Search (excludes Saved Search) be realized. And how to turn on or off for these parts

  3. How to control what to use for Enterprise Search – Embedded Search : SAP HANA or TREX/BWA



BBPCRM and WEBCUIF are also software components of a Solution Manager system. Thus now and then there will be customer incidents reported on Solution Manager system reaching CRM support team. Recently I processed one incident, which talks about the Central Search, which is on the right upper corner of the Web UI. We discussed about the Free Text and Full Text search criteria as shown in the screen shot below. By reading the name itself, it is very easy to got confused for these two entries. This article will try to analyze these two entries, and show you a possible schema of Central Search (excludes Saved Search).

Central Search is composed by the following 3 parts

# Name Description How was realized How to turn on or off
1 All Objects search cross all objects Enterprise Search – Embedded Search KBA 2050300 (All Objects will be available as long as at least one Free Text entry has been activated)
2 Free Text search within on objects cross different fields
3 Specific Search Criteria Search using just this specified criteria CRM Search KBA 2007314


Regarding how to turn on or off, the following customizing has been used "Define Central Search". The following picture shows the example customizing entries.

By checking the above, we can conclude Full Text in Solution Manager is just one Specific Search Criteria. It can be turned on and off via bsp_wd_cmpwb configuration the same as other search criteria, check the following screen shot (there is some tricky regarding which configuration should be used, please check in KBA 2007314 for detail).

But Full Text in Solution Manager is like a wolf among sheep. When debug the logic, we can find Full Text used the general mechanism as other search criteria, but solution manager hardcoded it to call TREX search. Please check the following Call Stack. Class with name starting with CL_AI and CL_AGS is logic provided by Solution Manager.

Call Stack of Free Text pointed to Enterprise Search.

Then for Specific Search Criteria, most of them will go through



to execute ABAP select.

In the process of the mentioned incident, customer mentioned this blog. This blog mentioned if one wants to stop using TREX, he/she can deselect "Use In Central Search" flag for Full Text, and use Free Text. When reading this, I got a doubt. As far as I could remember All Objects and Free Text is also using TREX. Is it because there is special logic for Solution Manager again? I tried to analyze the logic and found solution manager is using exactly the same logic as CRM for All Objects and Free Text. And even more study leads me to this online help. This online help shows how to control the Enterprise Search – Embedded Search to use SAP HANA or TREX/BWA. It is my fault that my knowledge is not update to date. 😛

The following is a screen shot of how one of our internal system is configured to have SAP HANA as search engine. Here transaction code DBCO and ESH_ADM_TREX_DEST has been used.

Hope all the above could do a little help for you. 🙂