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Welcome to Upscale Unleashed, a monthly video series introducing some of our favorite, recently released SAP Upscale Commerce features.

We aim to inspire you with art of the possible e-commerce tactics that win new customers and build ongoing loyalty.

And… whether you’re an existing customer or just starting out on your direct-to-consumer e-commerce journey, we’re excited to share how you can apply these to your business.

Our amazing product team accomplishes a lot every 2-weeks, so this is just a taste of what’s available. It doesn’t cover all the great capabilities with each release, so please be sure to visit the help portal for a comprehensive list of each new feature, along with the technical documentation.

Sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.

Please check out the first 2 episodes (5-6 minutes each) listed below. Feel free to watch the entire video or jump ahead to a specific topic that piques your interest.

Let us know what you think of this format. Share any thoughts, questions, or jokes in the comments section.

December 2021 |  7 ways to reduce friction & boost conversion rates <watch video>

In this episode:

How to overcome supply chain challenges when products aren’t available?

How to leverage compelling events to turn browsers into buyers?

How to further streamline transactions?

November 2021 | Recent release highlights <watch video>

In this episode:

  • Delight and retain subscription customers by advancing continuity commerce programs <jump here>

  • Boost conversion rates by enriching content with compelling product attributes <jump here>

  • Grow shopping carts by enticing customers with volume pricing <jump here>

  • Reach a whole new audience with alternative payment methods <jump here>