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These Release Notes focus on new features and enhancements delivered as part of the Web Client UI Framework EhP4 Support Package 02.

The WEBCUIF development team members are doing their best to provide those new developments on older releases. So if you are interested in a specific feature, verify its availability by checking the corresponding SAP Note.

New Features and Enhancements

Integration with the SAP Theme Designer

It is now possible to style the Web Client UI Framework using the SAP Theme Designer. See the How-To Guide for more details.

See SAP Note: 2232580

New Progress Indicator THTMLB Tag

A new THTMLB Tag, thtmlb:progressIndicator, allows you to easily display a percentage value or any kind of progress and enhance the user experience on your form. You can also use a new P-GETTER attribute in order to any inputfield into a progress indicator on a Configurable Form.

See SAP Note: 2174100 and 2239586

Floating Pager for the Table

It is now possible to have the table pager float. The floating pager will appear for tables that are partially in the viewport, thus the pager is always accessible and it is not required to scroll to the complete bottom of the table to navigate to another page of records. When floating, the pager will be semi-transparent; on hover, the semi-transparency will be removed.

See SAP Note: 2268797

Highlighting of Mandatory Fields

Mandatory fields are highlighted consistently in all skins. All mandatory fields have a border to emphasize their importance on a given form. The border color matches the color of the mandatory star.

See SAP Note: 2283068

If you missed them, check out the WEBCUIF EhP4 SP01 - Release Notes.