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These Release Notes focus on new features and enhancements delivered as part of the Web Client UI Framework EhP3 Support Package 04.

The WEBCUIF development team is doing his best to provide those new developments on older releases. So if you are interested in a specific feature, verify its availability by checking the corresponding SAP Note.

New Features and Enhancements

Asynchronous Loading for Recent Items

In the aim of optimizing the user experience, an asynchronous initialization procedure has been introduced. The initialization of recent items requires the reading of some attributes of BOL objects and this might be time consuming depending of the complexity of the business objects, the number of items to display and possible errors in the loading. When the UI is rendered for the first time the Recent items link group will not perform the initial load and will show the message “Loading…”.

After the UI is rendered, an AJAX callback is automatically sent to the back end to perform the recent items initial loading and to complete its rendering. In this way the UI options will be rendered and available for the user to interact and meanwhile the Recent Items list gets populated.

See SAP Note: 1968050

Categories for Saved Searches

Saved Searches are saved search attributes, and can be used to execute the same search again from the Central Search or the Homepage. So far there was no possibility to group the Saved Searches. This development enabled users and managers to create categories for Saved Searches, so they can be found more easily.

See SAP Notes: 1965319

Conditional Formatting of Cellerator cells

Conditional formatting of a cellerator cell's background colour is now available.  Developers can return the desired background colour via the relevant P-GETTER method. In the example below, the cells are colourized depending on the gross amount value.

See SAP Note: 1937399

If you missed them, check out the WEBCUIF EhP3 SP03 - Release Notes.