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These Release Notes focus on new features and enhancements delivered as part of the Web Client UI Framework EhP3 Support Package 00.

The WEBCUIF development team is doing his best to provide those new developments on older releases. So if you are interested in a specific feature, verify its availability by checking the corresponding SAP Note.

New Features and Enhancements

New WEBCUIF skin based on the CORBU theme

CORBU is a fresh, modern and unique visual identity for SAP Business Suite. It is named after Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, aka Le Corbusier, Swiss Architect and Designer. The design is intentionally neutral to blend with variety of legacy content. The visual identity harmonizes the look & feel of SAP Business Suite products that are built on different technologies and frameworks.

See SAP Note: 1821042

Performance improvement on BOL queries

It is now possible to improve the response time of your BOL queries by restricting the attributes list to be retrieved. This can save unnecessary time consuming joins in the backend databases and improve the user experience with faster query results.

See SAP Note: 1819334

Enhancement to the Add Tag F4 help

In order to help the user find tags  more easily (for tagging business objects), we enhanced the Tag F4 help and added options to search with one own tags or all created tags:

See SAP Note: 1792873