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Dear Cloud for Customer Community,

As you might have learned from various announcements that SAP is moving its community to a new and better platform.

On October 10, a new community platform will replace SCN. Spaces will not be part of this new community experience. Instead, the community platform will categorize and consolidate content using tags. In some cases, these tags will be associated with community topic pages dedicated to a specific subject.

What does that mean for you? For one thing, you'll be unable to publish anything in this space starting October 7. Existing content will be migrated to the new community platform. You'll have access to this information when the new platform launches on October 10, and you'll also be able to publish new content there.

Due to its popularity, this space will have a dedicated community topic page, SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Community, that will include highlights, related resources, and the latest blogs and questions about SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer.

In addition, you'll be able to follow the associated tag. This will allow you to get notifications whenever someone publishes content with this tag. You can also search for other tags and related content on the Browse Community page. Please make sure that you always add the primary tag - SAP Hybris Cloud for Customers - to all your blogs and questions.

New location for blogs - SAP Blogs - The Best Run Businesses Run SAP

New location for questions - SAP Answers - SAP Answers

Whenever you post a blog / ask a question  or search for a blog/answers use the tag "SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer". This is the only way to associate your content to our community.

Documents and wiki from SCN can now be found at Community Archive. You can no longer post documents in the new platform.

Below are few screenshots on our new Community Topic Page and How to search/post blogs & questions.Please note that the new community site is currently in beta, and that content published on the beta site will not be carried over once the site goes live on October 10.

Lets engage even better to on our new community home. We have lot of interesting content coming for you.