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Dear Community,

Social media is here to stay, in the form of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or something else!

In a world where social media is ubiquitous across all sections of the society, enterprises cannot ignore the benefits of tapping into the potential of an effective social strategy. Social media integration enables enterprises to leverage the influence of social media to the benefit of their businesses.

Use this free add-on  to integrate Hybris Commerce (on-premise) with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

This is not an out-of-the-box integration capability from SAP Hybris Commerce standard offering.


How enterprises can benefit:

  • Social login and sharing

    • Are you the brand page admin? log in using your Facebook credentials and share the sale banner and a link to the Website, on the brand page wall.

    • A regular customer? log in using your social credentials (Facebook, Twitter), no need to create a new account. Share the happiness of your product purchase with your friends and family. Share the product banner as well, if you wish!

  • Harvesting information from product brand page

    • A cronjob in Hybris Commerce pulls the information from Facebook brand page using the page owner’s access token.

    • A second cronjob sends this information to an integrated Hybris Marketing system for further analysis and processing!

How this was achieved:

  • When a customer logs in using Facebook or Twitter credentials, the customer details and the login information, including the app-specific user ID, are stored in Hybris.

  • If the customer logs in a second time using Twitter (using the same email Id), the new social login details are added to the same customer account; any orders placed from the Facebook login will be visible in order history.

  • Any subsequent logins using the social credentials will be linked to the customer account that has already been created.

  • Data structures are created in Hybris Commerce to store the details from the posts on social media and the users who liked them.

  • A cronjob created in Hybris Commerce fetches these details from the Facebook brand page. To fetch the details, you must use the page administrator’s access token, which can be obtained from the access token debugger provided by Facebook.

  • The app-specific Id of the user who liked a post can be used for personalized marketing if he is an existing user in Hybris who logs in using social credentials.

  • Another cronjob transfers this information (relevant details of registered Hybris customers) to an integrated Hybris Marketing system that can analyze and process this data further!

Sounds interesting? Then why wait? Get this integration addon now, and start reaping the benefits of social media integration!

How to get this amazing addon:

Download this add-on from  SAP Store and install on top of SAP Hybris Commerce 6.6 version.

To get more details on how to install the add-on and configure the integration, see Get Started with Social integration with Hybris Commerce

Good luck with your social journey!
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