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This blog discusses how the 'Group' feature of JAM can be used in C4C - in Accounts, Opportunities, Service Tickets

A JAM group is essentially a collaboration room that has many features like collaborating through discussions and staying updated via feeds, having documents, folders in an organized manner and so on. C4C leverages its capabilities to provide an Integration to JAM and being able to collaborate in the context of business transactions like Opportunities and Service Tickets and in the context of Accounts..

A deal room scenario where people collaborate to get a deal from an Account, by checking all the details of the Account and related Opportunities and Service Tickets would be a typical example

Individual groups can thus be created to discuss and participate for Individual Accounts, Opportunities and Service Requests, but also to feature the same Opportunity/Service Ticket in other groups as well - eg: Where the opportunities of a particular Account should feature in the group created for the Account

Pre-requisite is that JAM Integration has been set up and

  1.    In case of basic authentication, the user used to login to C4C need to have access to Account, Customer Service and Sales WoC.
  2.    In case of OAuth 2.0 authentication, the user who is logging into JAM needs to be mapped to a user in C4C who has the access to Account, Customer Service and Sales WoC.

The flow that we would follow in this blog is as follows:

- (C4C) As a business user create a Group for an Account in the Account TI (Groups can of course be created directly in JAM as well) but here, we are creating this in C4C

- (JAM) Navigate to the newly created Jam Group from C4C to Jam

- (JAM) Explore the group to see the details of the Account, Opportunities linked to it and the Service Tickets

- (JAM) from JAM, select a Business Record like an Opportunity to feature in this group

- (C4C) Open the Opportunity in C4C and check that this is now featured in the group that was originally created for the Account

- (C4C) Understanding Recommended Groups - in this blog in the context of Accounts and Opportunities

- (C4C) Be able to feature an Opportunity in a recommended group from within C4C

1. Create a group for an Account - The system automatically suggests the Group Name as the Account/Opportunity Name that you are creating the group for. If another group with the same name exists, you would need to change the name. The Description is also important here, as the Name and the Description are both used while the system makes recommendations

2. Navigate from the newly created Group link to the JAM site

3. Within JAM, you now come to the Account Overview page. The structure of this group that is Overview/Opportunities/Service Tickets, Documents etc comes from the template that was specified during the creation of the group as in 1) above. If this template wasnt specified, it would create a normal Jam group. Using the communication setup that was specified between C4C and JAM, Jam uses it to pull in information from C4C and displays it within JAM itself

4. Navigate into the separate tabs above eg Opportunities to see the information that was assimilated from C4C

5. Now, (from JAM:Scenario 1), one might want to go to individual Opportunities (irrespective of whether they belong to this Account or not) and feature that Opportunity in this Jam Group. To do this, go to the Main Menu in Jam and select Business Records -> Cloud for Customer ->Opportunities

6. The view now lists all the Opportunities that you have access to -> you can search for the specific Opportunity now and choose to 'Feature' this Opp in a specified group.

Note that when searching for the group, there is no Value Help available, but if you type in a few characters, the auto suggest works to show you the options

This Opportunity has now been featured in the Caterpillar Inc group

7. You can also associate the same opportunity in another group as well

8. Once done, you can go to C4C and check the groups that this Opportunity has been featured in, as well as the Group (if any) that was created for this opportunity specifically

9. Within C4C as well, there is a possibility to feature this Opportunity in another group (Scenario 2: from C4C)

Thiscan be done in 2 ways:

1 -> From the Opportunity TI itself - To do so, you open the Opportunity, and in the Groups Facet choose the filter Option 'Recommended Groups' from the dropdown. The system proposes a list of groups on its own by checking if a Group Name contains the Account Name of the particular Opportunity

.. this logic cannot be changed though. Based on the recommended groups, one can select a particular group and choose to feature this Opportunity in that group. Once Featured, this group will appear with the Groups Filter Option and not be visible in the Recommended group

2 -> From the Opportunity OWL: Here, select an Opportunity -> Go to the Wheel(Actions) and choose 'Feature in Group'. This option shows more options for the groups, not just the recommended groups as was the case with navigating to the Opportunity TI -> Groups

In a similar fashion, the Account Groups can also be featured in C4C. To do this, you can navigate to the Accounts TI->Groups->Recommended Groups

The criteria for the system's recommendation for the group would be to check that the 'Group Name contains the name or description of the Account'

Eg: For the Account 'Vintest Account' I created another group with a different name 'Second Group for Vintest 2'.

I had another Account called Vintest 2. I would expect this second group to be recommended by the system for the Account 'Vintest 2' since the group name contains in its description the text 'Vintest 2'

Since this group from the Account 'Vintest Account' was the Group that the Account 'Vintest 2' got featured in, if we check the Group in 'Vintest Account', you will see that this group was the featured in group

Hope this was useful

Cheers !