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Using C4C to run your Utilities Call Center

Who Utilities call center agents servicing their residential, commercial, and industrial customers

While the Utility companies today are directing call traffic to customer self-service to lower the call center volume, the need for call center agents talking to customers is still a big component of the Utility industry.  Customers engage the call center agents for assistance with like move-in to a premise, bill inquiry, and sales quote.  Therefore it is undeniably essential to have call center solution that will allow the business to run with simplicity for and agility to adapt quickly for changes in the industry.

What Simplified call center processes tailored for Utilities

C4C Utilities supports the call center agent to handle calls from customer search, view premise information, to creating an installment plan.

Let’s break down this example:

  • Call center agent can receive an incoming call, but can also manually search for the customer/organization. The agent can search for the customer or organization with utility specific fields like contract account ID, invoice number, meter number, and point of delivery ID

  • Once the customer has been identified, the agent can navigate from the customer to a linked premise by clicking on the premise hyperlink. Now the agent can view the map of the premise, detailed premise information, and devices installed along with meter reading history.  The agent can also create meter reading, and/or create service ticket specific to the premise

  • Ability to view financial information for the customer is also important. In addition to viewing financial information, the call center agent can also perform actions like create invoice, correction of bills, create installment plan, and place locks

Currently delivered processes as of 1611:

Global solution for the regulated and deregulated markets

C4C Utilities provides support for the call center processes as well as the sales process, and such as is applicable for both regulated and deregulated utilities.  Regulated move in process as well as the deregulated sales process for enrollment are both integrated to ERP IS-Utilities (IS-U).  Performing a move in process for the regulated market will instantly create the contract for the customer and start service based on the move in date.  Performing a guided sales process will create a quotation in C4C and kick off a switch document in IS-U to start communication with the market.  See example screenshot below.

Guided Sales Quote for Deregulated Market        

When Initial release in May 2015 as an industry add-on to the core C4C

C4C provides new and enhanced functionalities on a quarterly schedule without interruptions to customer systems.


Why  Shorter implementation period with a cloud based call center solution with integration to IS-U

The contact center capabilities are fully integrated with IS-U and SAP ERP backend and support seamlessly transition between the different support channels. Using this set-up, all the utility services performed in this cloud solution are correspondingly updated in the ERP system.

Key reasons for why C4C Utilities for call center:

  • Integration to IS-U

  • Light and Simple Data Replication

Cloud based call center solution with integration to IS-U

How To Set up C4C Utilities:

  1. Download ECC add-on

  2. Configuration of PO (PI) or HCI

  3. Scope Configuration of C4C

  4. Load Configuration from IS-U

C4C Utilities

Now that the system is configured and set up, what does the call center agent see?


Example of a search and search results

Utilities Financial Overview

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer for Utilities to help you run your call center with simplicity and agility