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Do you want to customize your segmentation object in Hybris Marketing Segmentation? Would you like to structure the list of filter attributes to personalize segmentation according to your requirements? If yes, Attribute Groups are a good way to do this.

By default, the attributes are grouped according to the data source from where they originate. If you want to group the attributes according to your own needs, you can use Attribute Groups.

In order to define attribute groups, you need to have access to the Segmentation Configuration application, which is provided for both on premise and cloud based systems on the Fiori Launchpad.

In the Segmentation Configuration application, carry out the following activities:

1.      Navigate to the segmentation object which needs the attribute group

2.      To create a new attribute group for a segmentation object, click +.

3.      Specify a technical name for the attribute group.

4.      Provide a description for the attribute group. The description is displayed as headline for the group in the segmentation. The description is language            dependent. You can maintain descriptions in different languages by logging on to the system with different logon languages.

5.      If you define more than one attribute group, enter a sequence number to define the position of the group on the segmentation UI.

6.      Save the attribute group.

Figure 1- Segmentation Configuration App in Fiori; Create and Edit Attribute Groups

Figure 2- Create Attribute Group

It’s also possible to edit the existing attribute groups for the segmentation object by clicking on the Edit button in the Attribute Groups section.

Note that attribute groups are placed on top of the groups determined by the data sources you use for the segmentation.

If you do not have the Fiori Launchpad configured, you can use the transaction "SPRO" in SAP GUI to access Customizing for segmentation. You find the relevant activities and their documentation at SAP Hybris Marketing -> Segmentation -> “Define Attribute Groups for Segmentation Object” and “Assign SAP HANA Data Sources to Segmentation Objects" -> "Attributes”).

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