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Are you ready for the new demands of 2021? Use your current MDF (new deadline for submission is now December 17th) to build a marketing strategy that can withstand any new challenges coming your way.

Meet Robotic Marketer: Robotic Marketer is a leading marketing strategy technology and consulting firm that helps small to mid-sized businesses accelerate their growth potential through strategic marketing. Through artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning, the Robotic Marketer marketing strategy technology can identify market opportunities, capitalize on competitor weaknesses, and streamline marketing tactics to deliver upon your business and sales goals. This comprehensive marketing strategy will provide insight into the business, key messages, and the unique value proposition that sets a business apart from competitors in the market. Channel Partners will have the opportunity to reach more clients with an integrated, results driven marketing plan in place.

As a user of SAP Virtual Agency, you are able to work with specialist marketing strategy consulting firm Robotic Marketer and allocate eligible MDF Funds to rethink the road ahead by developing a results-driven marketing strategy for 2021 in a matter of minutes. Robotic Marketer has been a great partner to our valued SAP Partners, and you can read about their success stories in the SAP Virtual Agency link below.


Learn more about this offer and SAP Partner Success with Robotic Marketer in the SAP Virtual Agency Marketplace.


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