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eStoreMedia’s eStore shelf automation suite helps brands maximize e-commerce sales

Today, every brand needs to be an e-commerce All Star. The problem? Many brands don’t know how to play the game. From solving distribution problems, through optimizing content and in store search, monitoring pricing and promotions, to creating a ratings and reviews strategy, a long list of complex processes must be executed by brand teams just to keep their heads above water in the e-commerce world. Companies are struggling to fill the ever-present gaps in content, distribution, search, and ratings.

Looking to win on the digital shelf? Look no further than eStoreMedia.

eStoreMedia provides a suite of automated, e-commerce tools that helps CPG brands optimize growth in online sales. The eStoreMedia suite is made up of two core products: eStoreContent and eStoreCheck. eStoreContent takes the product content from a brand’s database and delivers it to the product pages on each of the brand’s online retail channels via a syndication process. This streamlines complex content management processes; it expedites content implementation and maximizes content effectiveness by ensuring the best content is always deployed. Rich and relevant content improves conversion, which in turn is favoured by the e-retailer’s algorithm, making the product more findable, and sales accelerate accordingly.

eStoreCheck provides enhanced predictive analytics that measure a brand’s overall performance on the digital shelf including the performance and compliance of rich content as well as keywords in titles, descriptions and bullet points. It also checks other elements in store such as product availability, price and promotion, and overall category performance benchmarked against competitors, and buy box win/loss analysis. When eStoreCheck identifies a gap (a risk or opportunity), it creates a prioritized action list, enabling e-commerce teams to seize more sales opportunities. With both e-commerce analytics and e-content management, eStoreMedia’s comprehensive solution provides quick, automated content deployment across multiple online marketplaces and sites, and ensures that companies win over the shopper with the best content to sell their products and brands.

eStoreMedia has seen tremendous success in helping brands make major gains in implementation and execution. eStore media serves CPG brands across various categories who are active in e-commerce and sell through 3rd party e-retailers, ranging from consumer electronics, toys, and FMCG products, to DIY, beauty, and pet food.

eStoreMedia worked with one of its electronics customers who had an average brand implementation of 24% and within six months, doubled it to 48%, which ultimately translated into 82% business growth.

At the heart of eStoreMedia’s story is the foundation upon which it was built: the experience and passion of its founders and its leadership team who bring decades of industry knowledge. Whether they bring experience from global CPG brands, telecoms leaders, or from consultancies, eStoreMedia has transformed its experiences into successful technology, people, and processes: both the company’s e-commerce technologies and its operations are firmly grounded in the customer and industry needs.

As SAP has a wide reach and a lot of foundational information for brands, eStoreMedia provides the expertise those brands need to execute their strategies to accelerate sales on the digital shelf. By taking all of the content, master material, and product information, and delivering and implementing it in store, eStoreMedia will help SAP customers win over the hearts of the shopper.

eStoreMedia participated in SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv’s Consumer Engagement cohort and is an SAP PartnerEdge Integrate Partner.

Read more about SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv’s Consumer Engagement cohort here.

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