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In release 2111, we have started adapting and standardizing the URLs for the Content Data Networks (CDN). This means that the syntax of the automatic URL we provide when landing pages are published has changed.


What does this mean for you?

Landing pages that use the old URLs will continue to work for the next few releases. 

However, we recommend that you start adapting your existing landing page URLs as early as possible as of now.  

Doing this now will give you extra time to update those links wherever you've used them. Then you can avoid the problem of broken links in the future. 

What should you do? 

To update the URLs for your existing landing pages, you simply need to republish the page. 

You can do this for each landing page in two easy steps, simply by choosing Unpublish and then Publish.  

The new URL will be provided automatically on publishing.

It has the following syntax:


If you self-host your landing pages, you should redownload the page. 

For more information, see the section Check and Publish in the Application Help topic Landing Page Design.