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With SAP Marketing Cloud 2202 you can leverage insights into the interest affinity of your contacts to improve your marketing activities and campaigns. By configuring interest weighting rules and using these to determine contacts' interest level over time, you can get a deep understanding of your customers interests with regards to your offered products and services.

Prepare, Run, Analyze


To prepare, you create or upload lists of interests to your system, tag them, and assign them to your product categories in the Manage Interests and Tags app.

The following screen capture shows the Manage Interests app with the Interest Business Software.

Manage Interests App

In addition, you can define an interest weighting for a free combination of Communication Medium, Marketing Area, Interaction Type, and / or Source System Type. Whatever combination makes sense for your business needs. In addition, you can also assign events to your interest.

For our example here, you define an interest weighting for Click Through interactions in the Define Interest Weighting app. (You need the permissions of the Administrator Marketing role to use this app.)

  1. Open the Define Interest Weighting

  2. Choose Create and define a rule for the Click Through Interaction Type with a Weighting Factor of 8 and the Marketing Area Global.

Create Rule

The following screen capture shows the Define Interest Weighting app with the list of the defined interests including their Weighting Factor.

Define Interest Weighting Overview

After you created the required interests, run the application job Interactions: Apply Weighting Rules to Existing Interactions to apply the created rules to the interactions.


In the run phase you can use the interests in the following examples:

  • You can establish an integration with SAP Commerce Cloud to gather product-related data, then map that data with the product categories and interests assigned to the categories.

  • You can maintain interests in landing pages by maintaining an interaction block within the form. You define an interest in the interaction block which will be written to the interaction.

  • You can maintain interests for hyperlinks in an email. To collect interest data from click-throughs within an email, you link an item of interest to a hyperlink in the email content. You can do that in the Link Tracking section of the hyperlink. When the reader clicks on this link, not only a clickthrough interaction is written, but this interaction also contains the defined item of interest.
    The following screen capture shows the Link Tracking settings for a hyperlink in an email. When the reader clicks this link the generated Click Through interaction gets the Item of Interest Business Software assigned.

Maintain Interest for Hyperlink within Email


Based on the created interests and weighting rules, you can perform segmentations:



You can analyze the interests of your contacts in the Contacts app on the Interactions tab of a specific contact.

Also, you can create your own reports based to your individual needs. In the Analytics and Report Gallery app you find the Operational Report Interactions per Interest as a starting point.

Analytics and Report Gallery

More Information

Interest-Based Marketing in the Administration Guide

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