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  • You have checked "Block Entry on Interface" flag for a partner function in a partner determination procedure. [SPRO -> Customer Relationship Management -> Basic Functions -> Partner Processing -> Define Partner Determination Procedure -> select your procedure -> Partner Functions in Procedure on left-hand panel -> select partner function -> details]


  • In a document, a pop-up window asks you to select one or more parties for this partner function. 
  • You click on cancel button on the pop-up window rather than selecting any party. 
  • Problem: you are not able to add this partner function later.


Reproducing the Issue

  1. Check the "Block Entry on Interface" flag for partner function A in partner determination procedure B; B is assigned to transaction type C. 
  2. On WebUI, create a new document with transaction type C. 
  3. Enter the activity party (e.g. sold-to party) and click on enter key. 
  4. Then the system triggers partner determination for partner function A. A list of available business partners for partner function A is displayed on the popup window. 
  5. Click on CANCEL button on the popup window. 
  6. Go to assignment block "Parties Involved", and try to add a new party with partner function A. 
  7. It will be noticed that A is not available in the dropdown list of partner function field. And you will not be able to add this partner function anymore.


Once the "Block Entry on Interface" is checked for partner function A, the system will

  • determine partner function A only once at the beginning; 
  • not determine partner function A again; 
  • prevent you from adding a new partner function A in assignment block "parties involved" by blocking A from the drop down list of partner function field for selection.



  • End user shall not click on cancel button to avoid this issue. Otherwise, end user has to start from scratch again. 
  • Or you need to remove the Block Entry on Interface setting.
  • You may refer to SAP Note 1886781 - Unable to add partner function that has Block Entry on Interface checked anymore after its party-selection popup is cancelled

See Also 

This is an addition explanation if you decide to uncheck Block Entry on Interface while keeping the same desired functions.

You probably intend to implement a particular business request by checking Block Entry on Interface.

For example, you may has such a business request

  • to regulate end users so that they can only add partner function A that are determined by its access sequence; 
  • to prevent end users from adding any BP other than those determined

As a result, you check Block Entry on Interface so that end users can only select a BP for partner function A during the initial partner determination but cannot add partner function A manually by blocking it from manual selection.

This is correct that checking Block Entry on Interface fulfill this business request except for a side-effect that partner function A cannot be added again if end user clicks on cancel button. This issue can be critical when partner function A is ship-to party.

In the case if you want to uncheck Block Entry on Interface while keeping the same business request, you will need to implement your particular business requests in badi COM_PARTNER_BADI.

Particularly if you have the same business request as the example above, the business request can be implemented in the COM_PARTNER_CHECK or COM_PARTNER_MERGE method of the COM_PARTNER_BADI.