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My series of Cloud Application Studio Blogs

This blog is written based on release 1708. There are two approaches available in Cloud studio.

Approach1: Create a standalone Code List Data type from context menu

Directly maintain all possible Code List entries:

Save and activate the Code List, there will be a .codelist file generated which is then available to be used as data type definition of extension field.

And then add this extension field to UI:

The extension field will be rendered as drop down list in UI:

Approach2: Create a configurable Code List data type by leveraging Business Configuration stuff

1. Create a Business Configuration Object via wizard from context menu.

BCO is used to define the Code List data type:

Save and activate the created BCO.

2. Create a BC set based on BCO created in previous step, in order to maintain the default entries for the Code List data type. Select the created BCO and choose BC set creation from context menu.

Maintain the possible entries for Code List data type:

Deploy the Business Configuration change so far. Now again, the automatically generated Code List data type accompanied with the creation of BCO is available to use in extension field definition:

Add this extension field in UI:

In case you would like to enable end user to add their additional Code List entries into BC set in Business Configuration work center, following steps must be followed as well:

1. Create a BAC element from context menu:

And append your BAC element to an existing BAC. In this example I choose Opportunites which means in the Business Configuration activity, I can find my own business option from the path below.

I use description "Jerry TestBusiness Option" which will be used later to search in Activity list.

In the runtime, it could be find from Edit Project Scope in step4: Questions.

The documentation maintained in Cloud Studio will be visible here:

2. Now I still need a Business Configuration View which allows end user to maintain the Code List entries. Select BCO and create the view from context menu:

The view will automatically be created:

Add the view to Implementation Projects work center view in Extensibility explorer:

Once done, select the project being implemented and click button Open Activity List button:

Search the business option via keyword "Jerry":

Click Open button to launch Business Configuration View:

Click Add Row to add additional entries:

Save the change, and those additional entries will be visible in runtime as well.

See my blog Create Dynamic Code List via Custom Business Object Association for the third approach to create dynamic Code List.